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Baitul Mukarram National Mosque


Baitul Mokarrom - The national mosque of Bangladesh.

Baitul Mokarrom – The national mosque of Bangladesh.

Baitul Mukarram is National Mosque of Bangladesh. The mosque is located in Dhaka. Its architecture is very attractive. Pakistan Latif Baoyani prominent industrialist and his nephew Yahiah Baoyani taken the initiative to build this mosque.

History: Abdul Latif Ibrahim baoyani first forming a capacity building plan, including a Grand Mosque expressed. In 1959, the Baitul Mukarram Mosque Society initiative in the formation of the implementation of this plan. At the junction of the old town and the new mosque is the place for the acquisition. The place was not even close to the city’s main commercial. The prominent architect. Abdul Hussein Thariyani, who is engaged in the design of the mosque complex. The whole complex patterns within the shops, offices, library and parking facilities are also included. Later, on January 7, 1960, began work on the construction of the mosque. 40 thousand worshipers can pray together in the mosque. The main room of the mosque is surrounded by three of the corridor. Rectangular mihrab. Modern architecture, which is a feature of this mosque is less Decoration noted. Since the appearance of the Holy Kaaba Sharif mosque in the heart of the Muslim holy place.

List of Khatibs:

Sl. No. Period Name
1 1963 Maowlana Abdur Rahman Bekhud
2 1963-1964 Maowlana Kari Usman Madani
3 1964-1974 Mufti Syeed Mohammad Aminul Ihsan Barkati
4 1974-1984 Mufti Maowlana Abdul Muiz
5 1984-2007 Maowlana Obaidul Haque
6 2007-2009 Hafez Mufti Mohammad Nuruddin
7 2009- Cont. Professor Mowlana Mohammad Shalah Uddin

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