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List of Chiefs of Naval Staff

No. Name Appointment Date Left Office Decorations
1 Captain Nurul Huq January, 1972 06-Nov-73
2 Rear Admiral Musharraf Hussain Khan 07-Nov-73 03-Nov-79
3 Rear Admiral Mahbub Ali Khan 04-Nov-79 06-Aug-84 psn
4 Rear Admiral Sultan Ahmed 06-Aug-84 14-Aug-90
5 Rear Admiral Amir Ahmed Mustafa 15-Aug-90 02-May-91
6 Rear Admiral Muhammad Mohaiminul Islam 04-Jun-91 03-Jun-95 (S/M), ncc, psc
7 Rear Admiral Mohammad Nurul Islam 04-Jun-95 03-Jun-99 ncc, psc
8 Rear Admiral Abu Taher 04-Jun-99 03-Jun-02 ndu, psc
9 Rear Admiral Shah Iqbal Mujtaba 04-Jun-02 09-Jan-05 ndc, psc
10 Rear Admiral M Hasan Ali Khan 09-Jan-05 09-Feb-07 ndc, psc
12 Vice Admiral Sarwar Jahan Nizam 10-Feb-07 28-Jan-09 ndu, psc
13 Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed 29-Jan-09 28-Jan-13 (ND), ndc, psc
14 Admiral M Farid Habib 28-Jan-13 27-Jan-16 (,ND) NBP, OSP, BCGM, ndc, psc
15 Vice Admiral Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed 27-Jan-16 March 27 2016 (TAS), OSP, ndc, psc
16 Admiral Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed 27-Mar-16 Present (TAS), OSP, ndc, psc

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