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Asaduzzaman Noor

Asaduzzaman Noor

Asaduzzaman Noor is a Bangladeshi actor, politician and activist. He is the current Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. He was first elected...

Sirajul Islam -The prominent actor of Bangladesh

Sirajul Islam -The prominent actor of Bangladesh

Sirajul Islam, born 15 May 1938 in Hooghly district of West Bengal. During adolescence, he plays on stage, worked through. He began working as a casual radio artist....

Amalendu Biswas

Amalendu Biswas

Amalendu Biswas (May 9, 1925 October 13, 1987), Bangladeshi actor and director of the Jatra. Life and Family: Amalendu Biswas ancestral home village masajidiya...

Salman Shah

Salman Shah’s death mystery

Celebrated 18 years after the death of actor Salman Shah was not open yet to fake mysticism. Or suicide actor Salman Shah was murdered? Salman fans are about to...

Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique

Riaz – The film actor of Bangladesh

Riaz Uddin Ahamed SiddiqueRiaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique; (Date of Birth: October 26, 1972), who was known as the one of the most popular film actor of Bangladesh....

Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan

Shakib KhanShakib khan is a popular Bangladeshi Film actor. His original name is Masud Rana. The debut film of Shakib Khan is “Ononto Valobasha (Infinite Love)...


Sl. No.


Name of the President (Birth Date)

Entered office

Left office

Political party

1 President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975) 17-April, 1971 12-January, 1972 Bangladesh Awami League
2 Acting President

Syed Nazrul Islam


17-April, 1971 12-January, 1972 Bangladesh Awami League
3 President Abu Sayeed Chowdhury (1921-1987) 12-January, 1972 24-December, 1973 Bangladesh Awami League
4 President Mohammad Mohammadullah (1921-1999) 24-December, 1973 25-January, 1975 Bangladesh Awami League
5 President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975) 25-January, 1975 15-August, 1975 BAKSAL
6 President Khondakar Mostaq Ahmed (1918-1996) 15-August, 1975 06-November, 1975 Bangladesh Awami League
7 President Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem (1916-1997) 06-November, 1975 21-April, 1977 Independent
8 President

Ziaur Rahman


21-April, 1977 30-May, 1981 Military/ Bangladesh Nationalist Party
9 President

Abdus Sattar


30-May, 1981 24-March, 1982 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
10 Chief Martial Law Administrator Hussain Mohammad Ershad (1930-) 24-March, 1982 27-March, 1982 Military
11 President Ahsanuddin Chowdhury (1915-2001) 27-March, 1982 10-December, 1983 Independent
12 President Hussain Mohammad Ershad (1930-) 11-December, 1983 06-December, 1990 Military / Jatiya Party
13 Acting President

Shahabuddin Ahmed


06-December, 1990 10-October, 1991 Independent
14 President

Abdur Rahman Biswas


10-October, 1991 09-October, 1996 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
15 President

Shahabuddin Ahmed


09-October, 1996 14-December, 2001 Independent
16 President

Badruddoza Chowdhury


14-November, 2001 21-June, 2002 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
17 Acting President Mohammad Jamiruddin Sircar (1931-) 21-June, 2002 06-September, 2002 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
18 President

Iajuddin Ahmed


06-September, 2002 12-February, 2009 Independent
19 President

Zillur Rahman


12-February, 2009 20-March, 2013 Bangladesh Awami League
20 President

Abdul Hamid


14-March, 2013 Incumbent Bangladesh Awami League