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Salman Shah’s mother: ‘Ruby should be on trial’


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“I want justice for the murder of Salman Shah and Ruby [Sultana] should be on trial,” said Nilufar Chowdhury Neela, mother of Salman Shah at a press conference held in East London on Tuesday. Neela also urged the authorities to solve the mystery regarding her son’s death.

Ruby Sultana, one of the 11 people accused by Neela, recently posted a video online claiming that the actor was “murdered,” and that he did not commit suicide, which is still the official conclusion in several investigation reports conducted by the DB, CID, and a judicial magistrate.

Nilufar Chowdhury Neela believes that the case must be opened again considering the release of Ruby Sultana’s video on social media. When asked about the credibility of Ruby’s words, she replied, “Of course there is credibility in her words. She was one of the accused in the murder case I lodged.”

At one point at the conference, she became emotional while stating that the reports conducted by DB and CID are false. “From the very beginning, one party devised the plan to make the incident seem like a suicide. From the post-mortem report of Salman Shah to everywhere there was sign of abuse,” she said.

“My son was murdered through the injection of some deadly substance and suffocation with pillows afterwards. There has been no proper investigation in the last 22 years. I want justice for my son’s murder. My son did not commit suicide, he was killed,” she added.

Nilufar Chowdhury also pointed the finger at her former daughter-in-law Samira Haq, Salman’s wife, saying, “where is Salman’s assistant, Abul, that’s my question. All of it was Samira’s conspiracy.”

Salman Shah’s maternal uncles Aurangzeb Bulbul, Jaglul Hayat, and other family members were also present at the press conference. Nilufar Chowdhury Neela currently lives in Manchester, UK. She arranaged the press conference soon after watching the video posted by Ruby Sultana on Facebook.