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Zubaida to lead BNP !


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Dr Zubaida Rahman, wife of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) senior vice-chairman Tarique Rahman, is likely to lead BNP if her mother-in-law Khaleda Zia got convicted in any case or sent to jail.


She is expected to return home from the United Kingdom in next month. Besides, she will be assisting the BNP chairperson if everything remains normal.

She is told to take preparations, sources confirmed the matter saying more, she will hold the party helm if any crisis is created.

Born in a well-known family in Sylhet, Zubaida has also kept her communication with family members there.

She has an acceptance in Sylhet as the younger daughter of late Navy chief Mahbub Ali Khan.

Besides, Tarique Rahman’s participation in next national polls is uncertain due to the cases filed one after another against him.

In this situation, Zubaida may play a vital role in BNP.

BNP senior leaders also expressed their hope regarding her involvement in politics that may brighten the party’s image.

They have also confirmed Zubaida’s candidacy in next national elections.

She may participate in the elections either from Sylhet Sadar Upazila or Dhaka-13 constituency.

BNP’s one of influential vice-chairmen said, ‘Zubaida is a member of a family with political tradition. She is also a qualified person. It is natural for her to be involved in politics’.

‘Moreover, she had no bar in returning home. But whether she will be involved in politics or not that is absolutely her family decision.’

Sources said, Khaleda Zia has recently talked to Zubaida and Tarique Rahman. Then a decision came on the physician’s involvement in politics.

BNP aims to utilize Zubaida’s ‘clean image’ in rescuing the party from this crisis period.

The discussion has been going on since January 5 national polls.

Khaleda Zia expressed her eagerness at that time. The BNP chief is now in a firmer stance.

But Tarique and Zubaida’s unwillingness during that time made the plan unsuccessful.

Besides Khaleda Zia, other senor leaders have also showed their enthusiasm on Zubaida’s involvement in active politics, said the sources.

The leaders and activities in grass-root level are also enthusiasts on the matter. They also expect that in absence of her husband, Zubaida will play a pivotal role in party after returning from abroad.

Optimism is also showed from different quarters on Zubaida’s talent, clean image and soft-spoken characteristics that will help her get a distinguished position in politics in a shorter time.

They think, she is familiar from both Zia’s family and her father’s.

Zuabaida’s father Mahbub Ali Khan earned fame for wide-spread development programs in Sylhet region during his time as communication and agriculture minister.

So, people in Sylhet are more interested in seeing Zubaida in politics.

Zubaida came under spotlight when she maintained the family during Khaleda, Tarique and Arafat Rahman’s imprisonment on the backdrop of One-Eleven in the country.

Zubaida accompanied Tarique Rahman to the UK for his medical treatment. Currently, she has been in London with her husband and daughter.

She has also completed there some higher degrees on medical science including FCPS.

A BNP Standing Committee member said, ‘Zubaida Rahman will return home to hold the party helm in absence of her husband in this adverse situation’.

‘Former premier Khaleda Zia is also feeling lonely in this ongoing political crisis. She is very anxiously waiting to meet her family members in this situation. Specially, she is feeling sad due to the absence of her granddaughter Zaima.’

Though the date of Zubaida’s return has yet to be fixed, younger leaders and activists are enthusiastic about her return.

BNP and its other associate organizations have also planned to arrange a warm reception at the airport to make the day remarkable.

BNP Standing Committee member Lt. Gen. (retd) Mahbubur Rahman told media, ‘Dr Zubaida Rahman has no bar to return home as well as be involved in politics. Besides, the country has been passing a political crisis’.

‘Moreover, BNP has to face many challenges. The party chief should take the decision to face the challenges.’

‘The chairperson and her family should also take the decision whether Dr Zubaida will be involved in politics or not.’

BNP publicity secretary Joynal Abdin Farroque said, ‘Zubaida is a physician. She has taken oath to serve people. She is also a member of a political family. She can be involved in politics if her family decides’.

‘Besides, people love and respect Tarique Rahman and they also love and respect Zubaida.’

Farroque further said, ‘Khaleda Zia was not in politics when Ziaur Rahman was alive. She, later, was compelled to be involved in politics’.

‘Zubaida is also a member of a distinguished political family. She will follow the family decisions taken according to the situation. There is nothing to be surprised.’

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