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What you do if you lose the National ID card?


1. Q: ID Card is lost. How can I get a new card?
Answer: the original copy of the GD and GD nearest upajela / Thana Election Officer at the office or to petition the National Identity Register molecules.

National ID card of Bangladesh

National ID card of Bangladesh

2. Q: ID cards get lost or have to pay a fee for the correction of the data?
Answer: No fee is charged to the card is not yet lost. However, the loss of the ID card / modify fees are determined by the government.

3. Q: What is the loss and correction?
Answer: The loss and the correction is not possible at the same time. Before losing card will make the correction can be applied for.

4. Q: How will modify a lost ID cards?
Answer: The first ID card is lost, then an amendment application must be withdrawn.

5. Q acknowledgment / Slip What do you lose?
Answer: GD losing sleep loss with a valid voter ID card number for the application to be submitted.

6. Q acknowledgment / ID Card is lost, but there is no Document or NID number / roll number / is the number of slips, then what can you do?
Answer: the BMW / PS / district election office collects Voter Number NID Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana Election Officer’s office to apply.

7. Q: There is no national ID cards, but the data that has changed is how to change the information?
Answer: The National Identity Register, including papers relating to the nuclear section of the application will be considered by the scrutiny.

8. Q: What is the National Identity Card standards are currently developed in the future have the potential to do much good?
Yes. Smart ID cards are in the running for future activities for advanced feature-rich and have so much to be improved.

1. Q: I am unable to Registration of voters in a timely manner. What can be done?
Answer: the BMW / PS / district office can apply the appropriate reasons.

2. Voter Registration Q: I cannot stand abroad, so how can you?
Answer: the BMW / PS / district office of the Bangladesh passport copies of the birth certificate, citizenship certificate, SSC (if applicable) Charter, addresses the support of the utility bill or rent a house or holding tax will apply copy of the receipt and the forms to be filled.

3. Q: I’ve 20072008 or 20092010 voter registration in the ID card, but did not take the time. Now how can I get an ID card?
Answer: You acknowledge receipt of your letter of voters registered in the voters have given the area Upazila / Thana Election to office. If there is not the receipts signed and sealed at the Upazila Election Officer comments section of molecules can be contacted with the national identity register.

4. Q voter lists with the names of titles, job, religious titles, etc. can be added to the title?
Answer: Only the name of the voter registration database is connected, had no title or title cannot be attached to it.

5. Q: Where ID Card can be collected?
A: That was in the area of voter registration upazila / thana ID Card can be collected from the office.

6. Q: I will go abroad. No one else will be able to lift my card?
Yes. The ability to obtain adequate patent agent and an acknowledgment (Authorization Letter) to be able to collect it.

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