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Want to register as new voters?


New registration !!

A) Introduction
-Through the online process that allows you to fill in the voter registration form)
-If you are already a voter does not need to reapply. If the application is re-registered persons punishable offense
-The new age of more than 18 expatriates or excluded Voters can register through this process
Click the image for details .

B. Steps
-Please fill in the information step by step
-All information without your full name and Bangla Unicode standard
-Preview of all data after the completion of all the steps to be verified again
-Please print the PDF file along with the required documents and submit to the closest office
-To verify the information and address verification to make sure the information is correct, your card will be created
-Collect cards with the card receipt

C. Useful Information
-Thus the appearance of the form (PDF). Keep up with all the information before filling out forms
-Submit copies of documents required to form

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