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Union Parishad of Habiganj District

Union Parishad Habiganj
Division District Upazilla Name Union Parishad Name
Sylhet Habiganj Bahubal Lamatashi
Sylhet Habiganj Baniachong Baniachong South-West
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Baniyachong
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Baniyachong North-West
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Baniyachong South-East
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Boraiuri
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Daulatpur
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Kagapasha
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Khagaura
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Makrampur
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Mondury
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Muradpur
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Pailerkandi
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Pukra
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Subidpur
Sylhet Habiganj Baniyachong Sujatpur
Sylhet Habigonj Ajmirignoj Ajmirigonj
Sylhet Habigonj Ajmirigonj Badalpur
Sylhet Habigonj Ajmirigonj Galsuka
Sylhet Habigonj Ajmirigonj Kakailsao
Sylhet Habigonj Ajmirigonj Shibpasha
Sylhet Habigonj Bahubal Bahubal
Sylhet Habigonj Bahubal Bhadeswar
Sylhet Habigonj Bahubal Mirpur
Sylhet Habigonj Bahubal Putijury
Sylhet Habigonj Bahubal Satkapon
Sylhet Habigonj Bahubal Snanghat
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Ahammadabad
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Chunarughat
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Deorghach
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Gazipur
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Mirashi
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Paikpara
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Ranigaon
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Shankhola
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Shatiajuri
Sylhet Habigonj Chunarughat Ubahata
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Gupaya
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Laskarpur
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Lukhra
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Nizampur
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Noorpur
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Pail
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Raziura
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Richi
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Shayestagonj
Sylhet Habigonj Habigonj Teghoria
Sylhet Habigonj Nabigonj Paniumda
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Barabhakair (East)
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Bausha
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Borovakhair
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Debpara
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Dighal Bak
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Inatganj
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Kaliarbhanga
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj Nobigonj
Sylhet Habigonj Nobigonj shatihal
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Bamoi
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Bulla
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Karab
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Lakhai
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Murakari
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Muriauk
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Adaoir
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Andiura
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Baghasura
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Bohora
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Bullah
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Chhatiain
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Chowmohani
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Dharmaghar
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Kagadishpur
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Noyapara
Sylhet Hobigonj Madabpur Sjajkajam[ir
Sylhet Hobigonj Nobigonj Aush Kandi
Sylhet Hobigonj Nobigonj Kargaon
Sylhet Hobigonj Nobigonj Kurshi

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