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Travel Cox’s Bazar


Cox’s Bazar is a district of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar sea beach is a longest sea beach of the world. This is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Many tourists come here from abroad to the country every day.

The old name of cox’s Bazar is ‘Palonki’. British officer Captain Hiram Cox was established a market here in 1799. The origin of the Cox’s Bazar from the name of Mr. Cox.

Those of the important tourist area of the district are:
Cox’s Bazar Sea beach : Cox's-Bazar


Sl. No. Name Address Phone
1 Hotel Seagal Seagal Hotel Motel Zone, Sea Beach Road, Cox’s Bazar. 0341-6 480-91, Fax -0341-64436
2 Hotel Sea Palace Hotel Sea Palace, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar 63692, 63792, 63794, 63826   Fax -63769
3 Hotel Sea Crown Hotel Sea Crown, Cox’s Bazar. 0341-64795, 0341-64474
4 Hotel Cox today Hotel Cox today, Cox’s Bazar. 088-02-9882638, 088-02-9882685
5 Nilima Resort Nilima Resort, Cox’s Bazar, 088-01732075750
6 Hotel Logn Beatch 14 Kalatoli Road, Hotel Motel Zone, Cox’s Bazar Ph: +88 0341 51843-6, Fax: +88 0341 51062
7 Hotel Sea Queen Hotel Sea Queen, Jhawtola, Cox’s Bazar 63789, 63878, 64617-18

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