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Top Ten University of Bangladesh by world rank

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1. BRAC University:bracu-logo By world ranking of Universities the top position of Bangladeshi university is BRAC university. BRAC University (BRACU) was established in 2001. It follows liberal arts approach to education which nurtures fresh ideas and gives new impetus in the field of tertiary education. It ensures a high quality of education and aims to meet the demands of the contemporary times. Building on BRAC’s experience of seeking solution to challenges posed by extreme poverty, BRAC University hopes to instill in its students a commitment to working towards national development and progress. BRAC University is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh. The world rank of BRAC University is 2507. The website address of BRAC University is BRAC University

2. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET):buet BUET is second top position university of Bangladesh by world wide ranking. The world rank of BUET is 2667. BUET, is one of the most prestigious institutions for higher studies in the country. About 5500 students are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in engineering, architecture, planning and science in this institution. At present, BUET has sixteen teaching departments under five faculties and it has three institutes. Every year the intake of undergraduate students is around 900, while the intake of graduate students in Masters and PhD programs is around 1000. A total of about five hundred teachers are teaching in these departments and institutes. There are additional teaching posts like Dr. Rashid Professor, Professor Emeritus and Supernumerary Professors. The website address of BUET is Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

3. Daffodil International University (DIU) :diulogo Daffodil International University is third positioned university of Bangladesh by world wide ranking. The world rank of Daffodil International University is 2959. Daffodil International University (DIU) is recognized in independent government assessments as one of top graded universities in Bangladesh. The university has been founded by Daffodil Group with the approval of the Ministry of Education under the Private University Act of 1992 and its amendment in 1998 and Daffodil International University came into being on 24th January 2002, the University today combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research with its proud heritage of service and achievement. Also Daffodil International University 1st ranked University among Private University of Bangladesh. The website address of DIU Daffodil International University (DIU)

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4. Dhaka University :du Dhaka University is the oldest university of Bangladesh. This university is top choice university on Bangladeshi students. This is historical university and largest university of Bangladesh. In the world rank the position of this university is fourth. The ranking position of world is 3595. On the first day of July 1921 the University of Dhaka opened its doors to students with Sir P.J. Hartog as the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. The University was set up in a picturesque part of the city known as Ramna on 600 acres of land. The University started its activities with 3 Faculties,12 Departments, 60 teachers, 877 students and 3 dormitories (Halls of Residence) for the students. At present the University consists of 13 Faculties, 71 Departments, 10 Institutes, 17 dormitories, 3 hostels and more than 38 Research Centres. The number of students and teachers has risen to about 33,112 and 1,805 respectively. The main purpose of the University was to create new areas of knowledge and disseminate this knowledge to the society through its students. Since its inception the University has a distinct character of having distinguished scholars as faculties who have enriched the global pool of knowledge by making notable contributions in the fields of teaching and research. The website address of Dhaka University is Dhaka University

5. Independent University, Bangladesh : logo Independent University is popular university of Bangladesh. By world ranking Independent University, Bangladesh, is held 5th position. The world rank of this university is 4070. IUB’s goals are to produce graduates of international standards within the local environment, with knowledge and relevant skills to provide leadership in enterprise, public service and welfare; encourage and support useful research; create knowledge; and provide further learning opportunities for adults. The curriculum objectives for the undergraduate education are to teach communicative skills (oral and written communication and computer skills) with a strong humanities background, knowledge and competence in a subject (i.e. a major), and a sub-specialization (minor) in a related subject. This is commensurate with the ultimate goal of equipping students with middle management skills and the background necessary to pursue higher studies. The website address of Independent University is Independent University

6. Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) : logo-of-bau Bangladesh Agriculture University achieve 6th world rank position in Bangladeshi universities. The world rank of this university is 4306. Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is the premier seat of higher agricultural education and research in the country. The main task of the university is to tone up the quality and standard of higher agricultural education and to produce first-rate agriculturists, agricultural scientists and researchers for shouldering the responsibilities of agricultural development of the country. The missions of university have been to develop the art and science of agriculture for the well being of mankind, and to educate agriculturists of high standards of scientific, managerial and professional competence in harmony with the environment, and to share knowledge and skills with world partners. The website address of Bangladesh Agricultural University is Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

7. Shahjalal University of Science & Technology : SUST_Logo Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was established in 1986. The campus is located in Kumargaon, approximately five kilometers away from the heart of Sylhet City Center. The university started its academic program with three departments: physics, chemistry and economics. The first convocation of SUST was held on 29 April 1998 and the second convocation held on 6 December 2007. SUST is the first university in Bangladesh providing whole campus free Wi-fi access for students & staffs. The university introduced an integrated honors course for the first time in Bangladesh and it introduced the semester system (American credit system) from the 1996-97 session. According to the master plan for the university, within a few years Shahjalal University of Science and Technology will be one of the finest institutions of the region. The university students invented and introduced the paperless 24/7 SMS Based Automated Registration of Admission Test procedure for the first time in Bangladesh. Interested students can complete the registration process through mobile phone messages. The contemporary government launched the system on 13 September 2009. For the invention, the University won an Ambillion Award in a competition of South Asian countries in 2010 and National Award for E-Content and ICT for Development Award 2010.Now, most of the public universities in Bangladesh have adopted this process of registration. The position of this university in world ranking 7th in Bangladesh. Ranking position in world wide is 4425. The website address of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology is Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

8. Rajshahi University :ru University of Rajshahi being the second largest University in Bangladesh is the highest seat of learning in the Northern region of the country. The necessity of a University in the Northern part of ers while East Pakistan was felt immediately after the creation of Pakistan. These areas were comparatively lagging behind in higher education and the University of Dhaka then only of its kind in the country, being situated in the capital was not very easily accessible to the students of this part. Following a popular demand for a University in this region, the government prepared a feasibility report and Rajshahi was found suitable for establishing the same. Rajshahi University act 1953 (East Bengal Act XV of 1953) was passed by the East Pakistan provincial assembly on March 31, 1953. The assent of the then Governor to establish a University at Rajshahi was first published in the Dhaka Gazette. Extraordinary dated 16th June 1951 and consequently the University started functioning. “Bara Kuthi”, 18th century’s Dutch trading house was made the administration building. Dr. Itrat Hossain Zeberi was the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. Its normal academic activities began in 1954. During the early days of inception classes were held at Rajshahi Government College. In 1961 the University moved to its present campus. World rank of this university is 4493 and in Bangladesh position is 8th. The website address of this university is Rajshahi University

9. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology :logokuetpng Khulna University of Engineering & Technology is 9th top positioned university of Bangladesh by world ranking. The world rank of this university is 4749. This is an engineering university of Bangladesh. Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) is one of the leading public universities of Bangladesh giving special emphasis in the Engineering and Technological Education and research. KUET is well known for offering very high quality educational, research and developmental programs in the major disciplines of engineering as well as basic sciences. It has a sober objective to achieve excellence in quality education, research and progression to address the present needs of the country as well as the South-Western region to make it as the “Center of Excellence”. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Bangladesh established in 1967 as Khulna Engineering College, starts its long cherished Journey in 3 June 1974 after receiving special direction from the Father of Nation Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman. Later to ensure the better academic and research capabilities and environment, it is converted to an autonomous institute called Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT), Khulna in July 1986. To meet the demands of the days in the academic and research arena, the institute was upgraded and renamed as Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) in September 2003. The web address of KUET is Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)

10. Islamic University of Technology :Islamic_University_of_Technology_(coat_of_arms) Islamic University of Technology is 10th top positioned university of Bangladesh by world ranking. Islamic University of Technology at Dhaka, Bangladesh commonly known as IUT is a subsidiary organ of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), representing fifty seven member countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. It was initially established as the Islamic Centre for Technical and Vocational Training and Research, ICTVTR in pursuance of the Resolution No. 5/9-E of the Ninth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (ICFM) held in Dakar, Senegal in 1978. The foundation stone of ICTVTR was laid on 27 March 1981 by His Excellency Late Ziaur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh in the presence of His Excellency Late Yasir Arafat, President of Palestine and Late Dr. Habib Chatty, the then Secretary General of the OIC on the 30-acre land donated by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to the OIC.

ICTVTR was renamed as the Islamic Institute of Technology (IIT), by the Twenty-second ICFM held in Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco in 1994. It is mandated to help develop human resources in the Member Countries of the OIC in the fields of engineering and technology as well as technical education. The process of renaming Islamic Institute of Technology (IIT) as Islamic University of Technology (IUT) began with a discussion in the 25th meeting of the Governing Board of IIT held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 20 – 23 November 2000. In course of deliberation, the Honourable Members of the Governing Board felt the necessity of renaming the Institute and decided unanimously the following:

“5.9.13 The Governing Board opined that considering the academic programmes being conducted in the fields of engineering, technology and technical education, and the level it has reached, IIT might be considered as a typical educational Institution of a Technological University, and in order to facilitate its interactions with other Universities of renown, to enable its graduates to pursue their higher studies elsewhere and to attract meritorious students from the Member States of OIC, it is proposed and recommended that the Institute may be renamed as “Islamic University of Technology” after fulfilling appropriate procedural requirements.”

The world rank of this university is 5021. Website address of IIT is Islamic University of Technology

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