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“The happiness of Eid changes with time”


purnimaOnce the successful actress of Dhallywood, Purnima has now ventured into television and found success there as well. Squeezing time out of her hectic shooting commitments ahead of Eid, Purnima in a recent chit- chat with The Daily Star, revealed her Eid celebrations, cooking and more. Excerpts:

How did you celebrate Eid in childhood?

Purnima: Those were the best days when there were no worries; just one thing stuck in my mind from morning was when I would wear the new Eid attire, and wait for the polao-mangsho prepared by my mother.

How has the celebration changed now?

Purnima: The happiness of Eid changes with time. Now, Eid is a huge responsibility. I used to receive lots of gifts every Eid, but now I have to be the one distributing them. After marriage, I have to think about my family, kid and others. What hasn’t changed though is the festive mood. It is also very gratifying if I can do something for the less fortunate on the day.

Are you done with your Eid shopping?

Purnima: I’m yet to complete the shopping, due to my tight shooting schedules.

Any childhood Eid memory is still fresh in your memory?

Purnima: We lived in the government housing quarters at that time. After iftar, we would sit on our rooftop and stare at the sky until the Eid moon was sighted. After the sighting, we would jump and scream in excitement.

What’s on your plan this Eid?

Purnima: I will stay in Dhaka. I really enjoy Eid holidays as the city is free from traffic jam during this time. I have plans to visit the homes of relatives and friends.

What is your usual attire on Eid?

Purnima: I prefer to dress up in salwar kameez.

Do you still get Eid salamee?

Purnima: Not anymore, but I do have to give out salamee.

Do you cook on Eid?

Purnima: I usually do, and this Eid will be no different (smiles).

Do you watch your own TV plays aired during Eid?

Purnima: I try to, but I often cannot manage time, because I am usually spending a lot of time with my child.

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