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Suchitra Sen (April 6, 1931 – January 17, 2014) was an Indian actress. Her birth name was Rama Dasgupta. She originally gained fame as Bengali and Hindi films. Uttam Kumar Bengali film role as the heroine, her gained particular popularity.


In 1963 Moscow International Film Festival for her performance in “Shat Pake Badha” Suchitra Sen “Silver Prize for Best Actress” won. She is the first Indian actress who became an international film festival award. In 1972 of the Padma Shri by the Government of India with respect. Is heard, 005 were proposed to her, Dadasaheb Phalke Award; Suchitra Sen, but did not want to publicly accepted the award. In 2012 of the West Bengal government is to provide the highest honor bangabibhusan.

Personal life and education: April 6, 1931 Bengali Presidency, British India (now in Bangladesh Sirajganj district, Belkuchi police state, Amontorgot Sen bhangabari village, Suchitra Sen was born.) Suchitra Sen was born in Pabna. Her father Korunamoy Dasgupta was a native school Headmaster, and her mother Indira Devi was a housewife. She was the fifth child and third daughter of the family. Pabna town, she had studied. She was the granddaughter of the poet Sen Rajinikant.

In 1947, the son of a prominent industrialist, son of Adinath Sen, dibanath Sen and Suchitra Sen was married. The only daughter of a famous actress Moon Moon sen. Suchitra Sen in 1952 was associated with the Bengali film industry. In 1952, the “Shesh Kuthay” film began his film, but the film was not released.

Best Actress Award for Devdas filf 1955, which was her first Hindi film. Uttam Kumar Bengali film creation of romanticism, she is the most famous actress of Bengali cinema. 1960s and 1970s, starring in her film have been released. After her husband died, she continued acting as andhi Hindi film. In this film, she has played the role of a leader. Indira Gandhi is said to have inspired the character. This film was nominated for the Filmfare Best Actress, and her husband, played by Sanjeev Kumar, who won the Best Actor award. Hindi films each year in recognition of her contribution to the Government of India honored Dadashaheb. Take one of the prestigious awards at film Suchitra Sen refused. Reputation 2005 Dadashaheb was rejected. Honors from Calcutta to Delhi, which was decided he did not want to go.

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