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Shalik Birds – Starling


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Shalik - Birds of Bangladesh

Shalik – Birds of Bangladesh

Shalik or Shalikh, is a bird of “Sturnidae” genus of group, a little or middle sizes bird. “Sturnidae” word was came from Latina word “Sturnus”, the meaning of this word is Shalik, Mayna etc. Maximum large sized Asian Shalik, known as Mayna. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific islands myna found in equatorial region. A few species of Asian and European myna species in North America, Hawaii and New Zeland, has been released.

These are quite complex due to vocal cord myna digit diverse and varies in different patience. They sound around very easily and can mimic human speech. They heard the voice of the people and now they are able to recognize specific content has become the study of human language.

Various type of Mayna or Shalik has found in Bangladesh and south-east Asia region. There are, “Asian Pied Starling“, “Common Starling“, “Strunus roseus” etc.

Pied Starling: Pied myna is maximum 3 cm long. Their lips long and yellowish, lip salivary race. Two black bead eyes and the eyes of the two sides, the two wings of the long line of white feathers makes them interesting. These feathers are white or whitish breast, tail entirely black. Besides the back, head, neck plumage color is black. There is no difference in female and male pied myna. Myna minor skin color is dark brown. They fly through quite a slow pace and a lot of flying like butterflies. Full white pied myna is seen, but the genetic reasons.

Pied myna straw, dried grass, spinach, etc. form a nest. They love to drink it down the insect. One of them, naming them, because they promised myna cows, horses and other animals can be seen than to eat insect dung seekers.

Common Starling : Common Starling, Starnidi family of medium sized warbler. Dusk on the feathers of birds at 0 cm is longish. Any time of the year it is a little white. These pink letters legs and beak of the winter period and the summer is yellow letters. Little brown bird feathers than adult small breeds. There’s enough known worldwide as the warbler. They prefer to stay in groups.

Different types of mammals, birds killed by hunters is slowly shrinking into their habitats. North and Western Europe in recent years due to scarcity of pasture land, gradually decreasing in the number of birds. Although it might be seen in the context of comprehensive figures Chitra myna species in IUCN mentioned as minimum stake.

Chitra myna is found in about a dozen. Nesting major habitat types in Europe and West Asia countries. Also in Australia, New Zealand, North America, South Africa, in countries match birds. Southern and Western Europe and South-West Asia, in countries considered as the nesting ground of ancient origin. South Asian countries in the winter season as migratory birds arrive Chitra myna. Embroiled modest home.

Chitra common myna eggs twice from one birth every year. Breeding season, four of the five bluish-colored eggs. Approximately two weeks to incubate. More than three weeks later the chicks home position.

Chitra mainly insects myna more accustomed to drink it down. Significant Spiders, moths, grasshoppers, bees, ants, etc. to benefit farmers are accustomed to eat the insect. Also sometimes earthworms, snails, frogs, including, in the shape of small vertebrates like lizards on living prey. Hope so, as the animals fruits, sprouted seeds, foul-garbage they collect food. Grapes, cherries, eat up the fruit of chance. By consuming the seeds they planted a lot of time cause damage to the farmer. Western Australia has limited control over them.

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