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Salman Shah’s death mystery


Celebrated 18 years after the death of actor Salman Shah was not open yet to fake mysticism. Or suicide actor Salman Shah was murdered? Salman fans are about to find the answer to this question.

Salman Shah with his Wife, Father and Mother

Salman Shah with his Wife, Father and Mother

September 6, 1996 in his apartment in the capital Market’s body found hanging from the ceiling fan. Symptoms issue to try to run the fans, but it did not accept Salman Shah’s mother. Many of the claims made by Salman Shah was murdered.

Salman Shah’s mother had been saying from the beginning Ages Sapphire is absolutely committed suicide, he was murdered. But the post-mortem report said doctors suicide. This mystery is the mystery of the death of Salman Shah.

Love is the secret to a close, many people have claimed to have his wife, Samira had been killed in the image of a hero. Later, Salman Shah family Samira and more were filed against some of the police station. But for unknown reasons, it never had seen no progress later.

Salman Shah, from the side of the body are found in cigarettes Salman Shah claimed that eating Sapphire buy her mother. Other brands of cigarettes a day, Salman Shah, who ate at home? Neighbors said they heard the sound of flats that day struggle. Salman Shah allegedly taking the hospital. There were many things that evidence the film industry is still a mystery surrounding a death.

Salman Shah, who was in the house that day? Not suicide, Salman Shah, who is alleged to have murdered? When rumors of a radiant film producers has been involved with the secret wife Samira Salman Shah. Meanwhile, Salman Shah with Shabnur have heard about the secret love. Following the murder of Salman Shah Love For this rectangle? Or is everyone’s favorite hero of suicide.

Never know the answer to? You will know the mystery of the death of the beloved hero fake? What to know? Why is taken away from the Earth at an early age, everyone’s favorite hero Salman Shah? Or you can replace the veil of mystery in the history of cinema discussed this death?

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