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‘Salman Shah didn’t commit suicide’


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Screen actor Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, popularly known as Salman Shah, didn’t commit suicide, claimed his mother Nilufar Chowdhury at a press conference held on Thursday in the capital.

She said: “Salman Shah didn’t commit suicide, it was pre-meditated murder. His killers are still trying to create a spectacle around his death.”
The press conference was organised by the Salman Shah Fan Alliance at the National Press Club. The organisation demands a judicial probe into his death.
In a written statement, Nila Chowdhury said: “The DB, CID, and Judicial Magistrate suppressed the investigation report. When the metropolitan magistrate ordered RAB to investigate, state authorities barred me and it was proved that the state authority did this intentionally.”

“A Dhaka court directed the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to conduct a further probe in a case filed over the death,” she added.
Explaining the postmortem report, Nila said: “If one commits suicide, one’s neck is supposed to be broken. Yet Salman’s neck was fine with no extra mark that confirms his death as a suicide.”

She claimed that Salman Shah was given an injection and then strangled to death.

Salman Shah’s ex-wife Samira is married to one of Salman’s friends. Nilufar asked whether the death of her son is the reason for Samira’s happiness, as Samira’s father gave a statement that she doesn’t know anything and is happily married.

Salman’s father Kamaruddin Chowdhury has also passed away. Nila said: “I want to see justice for my son before my death.”

Case history
On September 6, 1996, the whole country was shocked on hearing the news of Salman Shah’s untimely death. His body was found hanging from a ceiling fan.
Salman allegedly committed suicide at his Eskaton residence on September 6, 1996. His father Kamaruddin Chowdhury filed an unnatural death case with Ramna police station.
Later, Kamaruddin applied to turn it into a murder case alleging that his son was murdered.
After completing the investigation on November 3, 1997, CID submitted a final report before the court stating that Salman had committed suicide.
Later, Salman’s father filed a revision case against the report. Following the case on May 19, 2003, a Dhaka court was directed to conduct a judicial probe into the case.
Finally, on August 3, 2014, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Emdadul Haque submitted a judicial probe report before the court stating that he found no evidence of the actor being killed and opined that Salman had committed suicide.
On July 9, 2014, the court submitted the probe report where the magistrate said he found no evidence of the actor being killed and opined that Salman Shah committed suicide.

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