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Postal Code’s / Zip Code’s of Gopalganj District


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Sl. No. Upazila/Thana Sub Office Postal Coad / Zip Coad
1 Gopalganj Sadar Barfa 8102
2 Gopalganj Sadar Chandradighalia 8013
3 Gopalganj Sadar Gopalganj Sadar 8100
4 Gopalganj Sadar Ulpur 8101
5 Kashiani Jonapur 8133
6 Kashiani Kashiani 8130
7 Kashiani Ramdia College 8131
8 Kashiani Ratoil 8132
9 Kotalipara Kotalipara 8110
10 Maksudpur Batkiamari 8141
11 Maksudpur Khandarpara 8142
12 Maksudpur Maksudpur 8140
13 Tungipara Patgati 8121
14 Tungipara Tungipara 8120

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