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Addl IGP Rowshan Ara killed in Congoa road crash

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Nawab Abdul Gani (1830 – 1896), one of Dhaka’s largest landlords. East Bengal was the most influential figure in the later half of the nineteenth century. Dhaka Nawab Khwaja overload was Ahsanaullah was his son and his grandson Nawab Sir Salimullah. Members of the Nawab family of Dhaka in Dhaka and Dhaka life they had passed away. Nawab Abdul Gani Kashmiri were fathers. To the family of Dhaka residents ‘Nawab Family’ and ‘Khwaja family’ was known as.

Birth and education :
Nawab Abdul Gani was born in 1830. Awarded him the title of Nawab and the then British government had the right to use it in the family. His having good relations with the British government had made him more influential. Ahsan Manzil was his residence at the court of the local council, including the people madame Dhaka Muslims controlled the land. One of the original students of the present Dhaka Collegiate School. Among his classmates, Dhaka Brahmo Society founder brajasundar Mitra, Jamidar Nicky pogaj, Maulvi Abdul Ali was one of the overload. Abdul Gani, who was only eighteen years of age to take over the family.

Career :
Nawab Abdul Gani built relationships with the British rulers of the seven hundred years old. He means the British during the revolution in 1857, elephants, horses, boats are very actively helped with everything. He is the ruler of the Bengal report of Hellyday Gani Mia was mentioning. Muslim Shia-Sunni riots in Dhaka in 1860, when the British government failed to stop for three days by yourself in the Nawab Abdul Gani of Dhaka city was quiet. By the Government for the C.S.I. (Companion of the Order of the Star of India) was awarded the title. He was also nominated as a member of Viceroy in 1867. In 1875 the hereditary ‘Nawab’ title was given. In 1868 K.C.S.I (King Companion the Order of the Star of India) got the title.

Nawab Abdul Gani was the symbol of the city of Dhaka Ali bought influence hard in class. Which is currently ‘Ahsan Manzil known. He named the house was repaired Ahsanaullah son. Dhaka residents of the house, the house of Nawab ‘was known as. Dhaka City, Dhaka, along with Begunabari Nawab Abdul Gani was owner of the maximum area. He had in Begunbari tea gardens. According to many professional races started at the Race Course Maidan of Dhaka Nawab Abdul Gani or were properties. The races were a huge success as the capital city of entertainment.

Nawab Abdul gani the pure water supply system in the city of Dhaka. Nawab Abdul Gani K.C.S.I. designation in 1879 and is available on the government of the Prince of Wales’s recovery gave fifty thousand rupees. It was decided that a committee will be pure drinking water for Dhaka residents. Nawab Abdul Gani had donated more than two million in this project.

Abdul Gani personal life was married two times. Six of his children were. In 1877, the son of Khwaja Ahsanullah on family responsibility. That day, he died in 1896 in Dhaka, all schools, colleges, offices were closed.

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