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Muktagachha Jomidar Bari Mymensingh


Muktagachha Jomidar Bari

Muktagachha Jomidar Bari

Muktagachha Jomidar Bari (King house of Muktagashha) is located in Mymensingh district of Bangladesh. Mymensingh is the oldest city of Bangladesh. In here lots of archaeological structure are found. Muktagachha Kings house is one of those. Binodbari is previous name of Muktagachha.

King Acharya Chowdhury clan Muktagachha City started. Acharya Chowdhury clan settled here in the city that arose. Acharya Chowdhury Dynasty was the first resident of Bogra Krishna Acharya Chowdhury. He served in the fiscal court at Murshidabad. He is very loyal to the Nawab. In 1132, while in the fiscal court of the Nawab of the time taken alapasim Parganas. May be mentioned that, at present, including Muktagachha Parganas district were mostly included in alapasim.

After the Battle of Plassey in 1757, due to BMW alapasim S. Krishna Acharya Chowdhury 4 sons decided to take up residence. This 4 is the son of Krishna Acharya Chowdhury Ramram, hararama, Bishnu and Sivaram. Parganas different places before they settle back and sees the current Muktagachha decided to settle in the area. At that time, the settlements were not so alapasim Pargana. Around the forests and wetlands. Krishna Acharya 4 sons brahmaputra River tributaries ayaman boy was near the boat safely. The landlords abandoned cars in the house easily attract the tourists.

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