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Mosharraf starrer romantic drama on NTV


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musharaf karimDrama “Teeta Mitha Modhuchandrima” will be aired tonight on NTV. Mosharraf Karim, Shaina Amin, Niloy, Hiro and more have starred in the drama. Matya Banu Shaku has written the drama and Jubair Ibne Bakar has directed it. In the drama Mosharraf stars as Rashed. He takes to Cox’s Bazar with his new bride Rimi (Shaina Amin) on first honeymoon. The two married before knowing each other at the consent of their families. Thus the independent minded Rimi starts bickering with Rashed from the very first day of their wedding. Rashed finally manages to appease her saying that they can’t separate easily because it would dishearten their loving families. He proposes to end their wedlock in a place far away from their locality so that the families can’t intervene. He proposes to use the honeymoon in Cox’s Bazar as a cover for getting the divorce in a distant land and later notify it to the families. As they plan spend their times in Cox’s Bazar separately Rashed’s maternal uncle suddenly appears as a hindrance. On the other hand Ariyan (Niloy), Rimi’s unfulfilled love also happens to be in Cox’s Bazar. As Rimi is high above her heels with rapture Rashed must find a way to end their marital issue peacefully.

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