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Mohammad Mansoor Ali (January 16, 1919 – November 3, 1975), the former prime minister. After the establishment of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the BAKSHAL. He was a captain retired military. On the eve of the war in 1971, the government of Bangladesh Byaddanathtola in meherapur important roles of the Ministry of the Interior. November 3, 1975, resulting in the murder of prison He was one of the four national leaders. His son, Mohammad Nasim, an influential leader of the Bangladesh Awami League and the Bangladesh Government in 1996 to 2001 during the period he served as minister. He is also a minister current Awami Government. Another son Bahauddin Nasim was an important leader of the Awami League.

Mohammad Mansoor Ali

Mohammad Mansoor Ali

After returning home from Aligarh .1946 since he became involved in politics in 1950 and was a vice-president of the Muslim League in Pabna district. In 1948, he was trained in Jessore Cantonment and became Captain of PLG. He did not at that time known as Captain Mansur.

Islamia college, he became acquainted with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. After returning home from Kolkata local political personalities Amjad Hussain, Mian Abdur Rob Baga, Mr. Amin Uddin advocate his political closeness with others continues to grow. In 1951 he joined the Awami Muslim League. Became involved in politics. Awami Muslim League became a member of the Central Executive Committee and was elected chairman of the party in Pabna district. The state of Bengal, led a movement to demand MA. Mansur Ali. As a result, he was arrested. Later was released.

Selected as a candidate of the United Front in 1954 was elected a member of the Provincial Assembly of the East Bengali. The Union Minister Abdullah Al Mahmud in Pabna-1 constituency was fought. And I was surprised by the Mansur Ali won a landslide victory. Abdullah Al Mahmud deposit is forfeited. The front of the cabinet is broken. Ataur Rahman Khan, the East in 1956, led a coalition government of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Trade Minister was received.

Martial law was imposed in 1958. He was arrested under Safety Act. Was released after serving prison torture, at the end of 1959. 6-point charter of freedom of Bengali in 1966, he played an important role in the movement of the general elections on December 17, .1970 select the Provincial Assembly. Pabna-1 constituency was elected a member of the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly

Bangabandhu was arrested March 5 when Mansur Ali fled to avoid arrest Sobhanbagh. From there he went to his house to meet the family to kuripara become. He went to India. Assam mainaka spies he went to Calcutta. Meet and interact with other leaders who had taken shelter in his. The leaders of the party high command’s decision to form the coalition government of Mujib Nagar. The new government, he served as Finance Minister. In the middle of this year reached his house in Calcutta. He lived with his family the house at Park Circus in CIT road. His office was 8 Theater Road.

In January of 197 Pakistani prisoners returned Sheikh Mujib was restored by the Council of Ministers. Mansur Ali took over the first contact, and then as Minister of Home Affairs and Communications. Addressed the role of the Harding Bridge repairs.

7 March 1973 re-election, Mansur Ali was elected a member of Parliament from Pabna-1 constituency. This year, he was elected a member of the Awami League Parliamentary Party. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the group was introduced to combine the presidential form of government. Captain Mansur Ali, Prime Minister at the time, took over as prime minister. Formed by the Bangladesh Awami League of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman peasantry (BAKSHAL) was the General Secretary. During 1975, 4 February.

November 3, 1975 at midnight, with the other four national leader was assassinated.

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