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Language and Culture in Comilla


Language and CultureComilla district, topography and geographic location contributed to the formation of the language and culture of the people of this district. The surrounding district is located in the south-east Indian state of Tripura, in other districts of Dhaka and Chittagong. Here are the main features of the language as the other districts, but the diversity is found. Colloquially it sounds noble largely absent, there is a tendency of the simplification of the language. Comilla daudkandi, Titus, Meghna, Homna as regional languages ​​on the adjacent region of Dhaka, Chauddagram and laksham Noakhali district in the area of ​​the region is largely consistent. Meghna-Gumti river movement and Lalmai foothills of the district’s behavior, eating habits, language, culture and the impact are considered specialists.

Review of the history of this area and found that the district’s many ancient civilizations. Obtained in this area archaeological and ancient Buddhist monastery as carriers of civilization. Also living in the area, some small ethnicity has its own language and culture. Cultural district’s contribution is undeniable. Sur Samrat Ustad Alauddin Khan, Ustad Ayet Ali Khan, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan to explore the world of remembrance of the famous musician in Comilla. Aftab Ahmed Khan district sarod master collection instrument was developed tunes like. He is also the creator of the melody as the cloud of ladle. Ustad Alauddin Khan Moon antelope and Ustad Ayet Ali Khan invented the modern sarod. Comilla bamboo flute known subcontinent.

Ustad Alauddin Khan caused angry music, hemamatma durgesbari cloud Bahar, prabhatakeli, began to Hem, Cupid No. Ustad Ayet Ali Khan caused anger and anger mixed with classical sub-continent under the strong influence of the song is playing. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, 10, was the creation of a new anger. These angry candranandana, gurumanjari, lajabanti, mixed sibaranjani, bhupamanda, talented, Alamgiri, malayalama memories, and anger cauranga kusiyogi and Rag Chowranga Kollayn.

The government cultural agencies working in Comilla, are listed below:
* District Arts Academy, Comilla
* Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Comilla district
* Government Public Library, Judge court Road, Comilla
Funded by the local government and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Agency biracandranagara auditorium (town hall)
* Nazrul Institute Center, Comilla

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