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Lalbag-FortLalbagh Fort, in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, located in the heart of the ancient castle. This castle is a historical precedent established the Mughal period. It is located in Old Dhaka Lalbagh, and it has been the name of the Lalbagh Fort. This is one of the most popular tourist are of the country. Currently (watched 2012) archaeology department fort area maintained by the Government of Bangladesh.

This fort was the stronghold of the Aurangabad. The fort was designed Azam Shah. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s 3rd son Azam Shah in 1678 AD, the construction began in Dhaka Subedar residence. Just one year after the construction of the fort before the end of the Maratha Emperor aoranagajeba Delhi summoned to quell the uprising. In the meantime, the construction of a mosque and a court building in the castle area. Nawab Shaista Khan in Dhaka in 1680 and re-construction of the fort began. Shaista Khan’s daughter Pari Bibi’s death, however, the castle is considered unlucky and Shaista Khan in 1684 to build off of. She was married to Pari Bibi this Prince Azam Shah. Pari Bibi who is buried in the middle of the court, and the mosque. Shaista Khan hall of the royal court to manage. Shaista Khan retired in 1688 to leave the castle, owned by the heirs donated Agra. Shaista Khan left Dhaka Lalbagh importance due to the decline. In 1844, a semi-government organization called Dhaka Committee began work on the development of the fort. Lalbagh fort at the time known as the castle. Lalbagh Fort in 1910 under the Department of Archaeology of the wall was preserved architecture. Finally, 300 years after the creation of the eighties of the last century, as far as possible by reforming the Lalbagh are brought back to the previous version and is open to visitors. The deployment antargatah Pari Bibi Tomb significant. This is an excellent illustration of the Mughal period. Lalbagh Fort in communion with wide area. There are three structures on the premises of the fort-

1. The center of the court Hammam Khana
2. Tomb of Pari Bibi
3. North western Shahi Mosque

In the south-eastern lovely gate, and the south wall has a roof top garden. Sunday, full day and half day off on Monday are closed this fort. The castle is open to visitors for a week and the rest of the week.

Tomb of Pari Bibi - The daughter of Sayesta Khan

Tomb of Pari Bibi – The daughter of Sayesta Khan

Tomb of Pari Bibi: This building, known as the tomb of the Pari Bibi, Mughal Subedar Shaista Khan’s favorite daughter. This is the only building of marble, black basalt stones of different colors and adorned with flowers, leaves and internal glazing tiles nine rooms have been decorated. Cells on the roof, made of black basalt stone. The burial chamber at the top of the central monument artificial dome covered with a sheet of copper. 202 square meters, the tomb built before 1688 AD. Experts say, however, is not present in the body of Pari Bibi.

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