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Just want to hold on to music -Luipa


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LuipaLuipa, one of the new-gen singers of the country, has had a passion for music since her childhood. After she came up fourth in a popular musical talent hunt show she hasn’t had to look back, and many doors have opened up for her. In a recent chit-chat with The Daily Star, the singer talked about music and more. Excerpts:

How did you develop a passion for music?

Luipa: In my childhood my teacher came to teach me music at our Bogra home. During my school days, I received a number of awards in musical competitions: National Child Award Competition, National Education Week Prize, Notun Kuri Completion 2000 and Shapla Kuri. I also travelled to Japan and Nepal as a child artiste.

As an adult, how did your career take off?

Luipa: I came into the spotlight after securing fourth position at Channel i Shera Kontho 2010. Since then, I have been busy with music. I’m still learning, though, under the guidance of Priyanka Gope.

How rewarding is it to be a live performer?

Luipa: After at Channel i Shera Kontho, I became very busy with stage shows, and it has taken me to some fantastic places. I have traveled to France, Spain, Qatar, Lebanon, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, and that has been a very rewarding experience.

What is your take on playback singing?

Luipa: I love singing playback because when a film song becomes a hit, people are humming it everywhere; that counts as a great success for any singer. I have done playback for films, and want to do more in coming days.

Who do you draw your artistic inspiration from?

Luipa: Nilufar Yasmin, Sabina Yasmin, Runa Laila, Sahnaz Rahmatullah and Samina Chowdhury. Our country has such extraordinary singers, I don’t have to look far for inspiration.

Do you do anything besides singing?

Luipa: I have hosted some TV programmes for Channel i, Rtv and Asian TV, but I have put all that aside; I just want to hold on to music.

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