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How to get Trade License


City Corporation Taxation Rules, 1983 marked the beginning of the Trade License. This license is issued entrepreneurs. City Corporation or city council is to manage the process. A license is specifically designed to provide the name of the licensee, and it is not transferable in any way. This license can not be used for any purpose other than business purposes. Renewed trade license, the officer in charge of the regional tax offices have provided. Trade license fee specified in the license form must be submitted by any bank.

Trade License:
• General Trade License: rent receipt or a certified copy of the agreement, and holding copies of tax payment receipt.
• Industry Trade License: All of the above documents, and -With
– No Objection Certificate for environmental
– Location Map
– Preparation of fire certificate
– DCC To abide by the rules of judicial stamp of Tk. 150 on the condition
– 1 passport size photograph
clinic or in a private hospital: Director General of Health approval.
• in the case of a limited company:
– Memorandum of Article
– Certificate of Incorporation
• Press and residential hotels in the – to the Deputy Commissioner
• Recruiting Agencies – in manpower export license issued by the Bureau of Manpower Development.
• Arms and Ammunition case – Arms License
• medications and narcotics cases – drug license copy
travel agency – in the civil aviation authorities

Trade License Renewal
1. Regional officer in charge of the previous license must contact.
2. Officer in charge of the regional tax would provide renewed trade license.
3. Fees: License renewal fee equivalent to the new license. This fee is the same in the form specified in the bank to pay.

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