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Hotel’s in Rajshahi

Hotel name and area Contact Number
Tourist Motel, Bangladesh Tourism Corporation 01721-775237
Hotel Radar, Malopara, Boalia, Rajshahi 01721-772834
Hotel Al-Hasib, Gonokpara, Boalia, Rajshahi 01721-773566
Monir Uddin Residential hotels,  puthia, Rajshahi 01712-111414
Hotel Hox In, Seroil, Boaliya, Rajshahi 01721-810420
Hotel Moon, Shaheb bazaar, Boaliya, Rajshahi 01721-72266
Hotel Jamjam, hetamakha, Boaliya, Rajshahi 01721-810882, 01713-725639
Hotel Prince, ganakapara, Boaliya, Rajshahi 01721-772776, 01711-008534
Hotel Probashi, Shaheb bazaar, Boaliya, Rajshahi 01721-772770
Hotel Haque International, RDA Market 01721-77848
Hotel Sukanya International, Somobay Super Market 01721-771718
Hotel Sky, malopara, Boaliya, Rajshahi 01721-773321
Islami Residential hotels, Laxmipur, Rajpara 01721-811370
Hotel hasanahena, Station para, sirail 01721-774565
Tourist Motel Bangladesh,  Abdul Majid Road, Srirampur, Rajshahi 01721-775237
District Dakbungalow (Guest House), Naogaon. The city is located in front of the high school girl Sapahar Zaman. 01743-274007
Hotel Century , Zero Point 01712-233663

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