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Halda River, Chittagong


Halda river in southeastern Bangladesh. Chittagong Hill Tracks batanatali Fatikchharhi it generates the hill districts of Chittagong has entered. It then flows south-west and the south Fatikchharhi bibirahat, Nazirhat, sattaraghat, and the other part, hatahajari, Rauzan, and flows through the city of Chittagong Kotwali thana. Before falling Karnaphuli River meet. The total length of 81 kilometers, which is part of the 9 kilometers of the year is suitable for boat traffic.

Naming: Batanatali Union mountain village at the source of the river Halda Manikchhari Salda. Salda rjhana come down from the mountains to the rhyme Salda Halda is named. Salda name of a river in Bangladesh Brahmanbaria district of Tripura state of India produces flows through.

Tributaries: Batanatali Union mountain village at the source of the river Halda Manikchhari Salda. Salda rjhana come down from the mountains to the rhyme Salda hayasalada Halda name of a river in the Indian state of Tripura from Bangladesh Brahmanbaria district generate flows.

Fish Eggs: Halda River is a special time of year and the special environment Rui, Katla, rohu, Carp matrmacha kalibaus and leave plenty of eggs. According to the lunar day is a special time of spawning. Local fishermen in the river before spawning took Domini and eggs were collected. Collect the eggs they sell commercial hyacarite higher.

Halda River Rui fish reasons for leaving: Halda River and the river water comes out of the egg for some features of the fish is different from other rivers serious. These traits, physical, chemical and biological. Because of the horror of the river, turning the mountains overthrown many springs or rhyme, rhymes, each falling one or more bills upstream, the river depth, low temperature, ultra-intense kharasrota and turbidity. Of chemicals in the lower kandaktibhiti, dissolving oxygen tolerant. After the first rains of the rainy season, because the biological due bills and dukulera flooded vast areas of the river water as a result of a blend of organic material, which is sufficient to reproduce the abundance of food helps the gonads maturity. Many of the mountain spring water flushing myekro and micro nutrients in the river due to the creation of an adequate khadyanu, all these features through the creation of a favorable atmosphere Halda River rui national fish eggs out of the rainy season, the t udbhuddha different from the other rivers.

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