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Foreign-Policy-of-BangladesBangladesh’s independence, 1971, 20 April, made the Declaration of Independence of the United Nations Charter clearly enjoyed the loyalty and the world community as a nation committed to the exercise of responsibility. Foreign policy principles are enshrined in the constitution. Preamble of the Constitution, “in conformity with the desires and wishes of mankind’s progressive international peace and cooperation in the role” is the intention. In this connection, the Constitution defines the direction of the country’s foreign policy has been referred to the topic of 4 are:

(A) respect for the equality and sovereignty, peaceful solution to the conflict, and will not interfere in the internal affairs of another state;

(B) avoidance of the use of force, and general and complete disarmament efforts;

(C) to determine its own socio-economic and political system, and the formation and recognition of the rights of every nation

(D) to support the struggle of oppressed peoples throughout the world.

Located at the Foreign Ministry and attached departments and the world in 46 countries and 58 foreign operations are conducted through the embassy. In 1971, after the establishment of Bangladesh directly or indirectly, has taken part in the battle; Rather, the conflict-ridden country’s security forces around the world to establish peace in the country since the 1980s, have been working with high reputation. Dual citizenship is not about the lack of constitutional barriers to a Bangladeshi citizenship of a country can take the second. Any Bangladeshi citizen of North America (USA and Canada), Australia, or the citizenship of any country in Europe, he received the citizenship oath oft-repeated sentence or any document signed the oath of allegiance to the withdrawal is not, then he will remain in the Bangladeshi citizenship. The Bangladeshi foreign citizenship will be able to use his Bangladeshi passport. The citizens of any country in the world except Israel passports for travel to Bangladesh.

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