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Having a lot of foreign investment. Recently, the Government of Bangladesh in a supportive and competitive environment for private investment, domestic and international trade and investment policy reforms made​​.

Stable political environment conducive for investment and sustainable development in the country exist.

Bangladesh market economy because of the strong interest in private sector to establish a quick and efficient institutional reform programs. Has already achieved a moderate but balanced economic growth. Production and distribution of the assets of the foundation of the economic policy in the competitive market economy and the private sector’s confidence in the economic system to eliminate restrictive. Government withdrawing its involvement in every step of the industrial and infrastructure sectors and encourage private sector participation.


Economic policies, the government plans to fast-specific reforms and the policy for everyone. The catalytic role of the government, not the controller in any way. Has a minimum level of controls and constrains. The government has balanced its trade liberalization. Duty-free trade, tax rationalization and progress has been achieved in improving export incentives. Various aspects of the industry structure and the import policy has been the most important.

Inefficiency of state-owned enterprises and trade organizations, misuse of resources in assessing trends and changing markets and consumer demand has forced the government to take over the general privatization of the action plan. Offering substantial opportunities for international investors in the various plans available.

Textile, leather goods, electronic products, chemical and petrochemical, agro-based industries, raw jute, paper, silk industry, frozen food (especially shrimp), tourism, agriculture, small industries, such as software and data processing of the export oriented industries to attract foreign investment trying to. Heavy and information-technology industries are also being invited to foreign investment will help to reduce the domestic cost of imports.

Some of the foreign investment in the facility:
• 100 percent foreign direct investment (DFI) or Export Processing Area (EPZ), joint venture or invest in the outer area,
• Stock Exchange listed investment by purchasing the shares of the public company,
• investment in infrastructure sectors such as electricity, oil, gas and mineral exploration, telecommunications, ports, roads and highways,
• Direct / Direct purchases or to purchase shares in public companies (privatization process and share any organization,
• Private investment in EPZs.

Private initiative in establishing domestic and foreign investors in the export and processing of all types of Industrial Investment Board is responsible for providing the service. Investments and investors of all types to provide business support to the main goal of this board. Investment board led by a head of government, the ministry, as well as representatives of the Secretariat and served.

To attract domestic and foreign investors, the Board has undertaken various programs. With a variety of services to the Board of Investment is working to implement new projects.

Industrialization, the rapid economic growth of the country, especially to attract foreign investment, the government has adopted an open policy. Bangladesh Export Processing Authority (BEPZA) to attract foreign investment in the country’s export processing industry is responsible for providing a variety of setting.

Bangladesh has already managed to create a supportive environment for foreign investors and their confidence has been achieved.

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