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Eco-Cooler, Beating the summer heat


Eco Cooler Final

Eco Cooler Final

Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate which can be roughly translated as high humidity coupled with temperature ranging from 30-400C. The average population of Bangladesh resides in rural areas with buildings made of Tin resulting an increase of 3-4oC inside the house. One Bangladeshi innovator came up with an ingenious idea to tackle this issue by using re-purposed plastics bottles and a little bit science. The name of the project is Eco-Cooler and it’s taking the world by storm.

The science behind it
The entire Eco-Cooler project is based on a principle that we all learned in 8th Grade Science class. When suddenly compressed and then adiabatically expanded, the temperature of air or any free flowing gas drops down to adjust with the sudden change of volume. That’s the reason when we spray deodorant, it feels cold on skin. Here’s an illustration explaining how Eco-Cooler gets to cool down the free flowing air.
Eco-Cooler 2
The people behind it
The main man behind this nifty idea is the creative supervisor of Grey Advertising Bangladesh Mr. Ashish Paul. How did he come up with the idea? In an interview recently he informed that he got the idea while he was travelling abroad. He was visiting a Hawamahal (a room generally built in the top of the palace where the Mughal Rajs used to sit to enjoy the scenic beauty). The ventilation process of the Hawamahal kept it cool inside even in scorching heat. It wasn’t until later in Dhaka he realized the science behind it when he overheard her daughter reading how compressed gas drops temperature.
eco-cooler 4
Without further ado, with the assistance of his colleagues in Grey, Ashish started building prototype to test his hypothesis. After consistently getting positive results Grey ran first field trial in Mid March 2015. The good people from Grameen Intel Social Business (GISB) then tied up Grey to run the implementation phase at Rajbari. Currently with the help of GISB employees, the project has been done in small scale in Nilphamari, Daulatdia, Paturia, Modonhati and Khaleya across Bangladesh.
So how do you build it?
Implementing the idea is pretty much straightforward. Plus there is no patent so anyone can use it. Here’s an illustration showing step by step how to build your very own Eco-Cooler:


The project does have some limitation though. When you are applying Eco-Cooler you are blocking the sunlight in your window. Requiring you to switch on the light and hence actually increasing the temperature of the room. In addition to that, the average wind speed of Bangladesh is roughly 3m/s to 5 m/s which is a bit low compared to other countries of the world. Due to the low air speed, implementing the project only makes sense in rural tin shed houses only were the inside temperature is significantly higher compared to outside.

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