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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach – The longest sea beach in the world


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Addl IGP Rowshan Ara killed in Congoa road crash

Addl IGP Rowshan Ara killed in Congoa road crash

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List of Technical Training Centers (TTC)

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Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest beach in the world. 120 km in length, with a sandy beach, characteristic of the whole beach, mud does not exist. Rich in various species of coral sand beach adjacent to the crowded Shells, sophisticated hotel motel cottage, newly armed Burmese market daily walks in the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar, the tourist season is liveliness. Switzerland “New Seven Wanderers Foundation” named Bernard Weber’s owned by the institution of the new seven wonders of the natural world, like the second time in 2000 selected times in Cox’s Bazar beach had the top spot in the competition. Promotion campaign for capturing the top position was believed to have less. Cox’s Bazar sea beach fairs organized by Channel i live in indigenous voters voting outside the country without having been able to achieve. Why is the top ranked result Wiz beach, a spot was not able to achieve. Respect to the Cox’s Bazar beach is lost? Certainly not. Cox’s Bazar beach is flaring his self-glory. Its beauty can not be lost someday anyway. Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and the second time a joint venture between Channel 1 February, 2010 AD, the date of the event you very fair on the beach at the indigenous tribal beauty contest Miss Cox Rakhine girl phrumase best Eyeful elected. Beautiful beach in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and the armed Sea Beach Management Committee activities are local. Eight old broken oyster market in the newly refurbished modern oyster-colored umbrella shape markets in Beach Park Market ‘really like to see. Creating a space in each market, but vendors said their understanding of the eight stores in the eight stores sixteen, twenty cases of the store building. Similar to the three
Umbrella Market is under construction. Burmese as well as snail-shell and coral store goods, cosmetics, fast food, cooling corner, dried fish, studio, including mobile store is a combination of these market store. Spectacular at the entrance to the beach in Cox’s Bazar Beach Garden District Council funded work to build parks and 6 shops were thriving oyster market. Laboni Point District Council funded the garden in front of the Beach Management Committee under the supervision of and with double-deck observation tower and the district administration are adjusted to create a free forum.

A sorcerer beach Cox’s Bazar beach. Change of day. Winter-spring-summer monsoon season, there is no such match is found, look beaches. Noon one morning it looks like another. Beach during dusk and night time air-condition a great difference in the weather-conditions. Captain Cox for local and foreign tourists, so it’s so much wrong with the beach, so much choice. In recent years and that the reasons for hiding foreign tourists opportunities here, there is nothing to respond to them. Sea beach tourists do not come to participate in any religious gathering. They embrace with the sea-beach, to bathe, to enjoy the beauty of the perfectly pure air and drink pure and safe environment. Insults or humiliates someone who might not go to beach. Gradual increase in the popularity of sea beach Open Day for the different national and major concerts, national and international beach-football, beach-volleyball, beach-cricket competitions, including the National surrendered uptake festivals are organized in many occasions. Surfing is a popular game in Bangladesh, the local administration building Laboni Point sea-beach cottage surfing, surfing for the club to set up a temporary permit has been suspended. Recent additions to the police for the safety of tourists, the beach is a beach is definitely commendable initiative of the government. Wiz went to bathe in the beach really painful deaths every year. Undeniable need for tourists to be more careful to get out of the bath. Tide and tide time and the district administration has initiated District Council permanent-temporary billboards and banners. Cyclone by the local administration and the tide of public awareness and educational advertising campaign kalatali beach, perfumery, and Laboni Point, LCD TV monitors allow for the establishment of a number of public institutions were conditionally suspended. Yaseen Bay Life Guards Life Guards and Watch many of the brave men who saved the lives of tourists. Surrounding this type of life-saving services can be set up more institutions. Silver sea beach Cox’s Bazar Beach bikes, jet ski, or a horse carriage for tourists, it may cause joy. Many beach change room, bathroom, toilet, no problem due to the tourists to make a natural response to a few years ago was unimaginable for tourists.

The main religious festival of Hindu puja great Vijaya Durga Puja idol immersion during of dashami perspective millions beach beach was busy. Including Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban Hill District neighborhoods are gathered here to give up idol. Irrespective of religion from time immemorial to sacrifice on behalf of the millions of devotees and tourists enjoy the beach in a plan secular. On the occasion, the local administration and the police department is to strengthen security measures seriously. Before the rainy season starts in the rainy Buddhist Rakhine community garden in tamarisk people staying next to beaches, picnic organized groups of tourists can be seen in the view, the beach is no festival. It is a social event, it is certainly not a religious festival. Very interested, as well as several dance festival promotes the Rakhine community. One year and a half month period (June-July) of the weekly closing day of the picnic season is coming to sollemnem

  Cox’s Bazar sea beach, many days before. None of the unwanted and unpleasant events of joy Aati leads Picnic Picnic enjoyable stay aware of the environment can not lose all the associated responsibilities.