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Comilla At a glance.


Comilla District 3° 01’from the 3° 47′ 36″north latitude and 90° 39’to 91° 22′ east longitude range. Tropic of cancer exceeds the Comilla district. Brahmanbaria district in the north of Comilla district, in south region Feni and Noakhali, in east region India Tripura, West site Chandpur, Narayanganj and Munshiganj district. The total area of 3087.33 square kilometers. International border Length: 106 km.

There are sixteen upazila in Comilla district, Adorsho Sadar, Comilla Sadar South, Chauddagram, Laksham, Barura, nangalkot, Manoharganj, chandina, Titus, daudkandi, Homna, Meghna, Muradnagar, Debidwar, Burichong and Brahmanpara. The 11 parliament sit in Comilla.

There are 1 City corporation, 8 Municipalities, 185 Unions, 3684 Villages, 2717 Moujas and 555 Markets.

Total Population are 5602626, Males are 2678235, Females are 2924390, population density is 1815 per squire kilometers. Population Growth Rate 1.58%.

01 public universities, Medical College (official) 01, Medical College (Private) 03, Cadet College 01, Private College 31, Commercial College (official) 02, Teacher Training College 01, PTI 01, HSTTI 01, Medical Assistant Training Center (official) 01, Medical Assistant Training Center (Private) 01, Lower secondary school 55, Higher Secondary School (school and College) 90, Government Secondary School 09, Government College 10, High School 580, Dakhil Madrasa 233, Alim Madrasa 75, Fazil Madrasa 63, Kamil madrasa 10, Government primary school in 1330, Primary schools (permanent) 673 T, Primary school (temporary) 11, Non-primary schools (not allowed) 13, Non-primary schools (unlicensed) 14, Kindergarten in 1086, NGO complete primary school 03, NGO education 543, Sotontro Ebtedayee 71, Community Primary School 226, Higher Madrasa with Ebtedayee 322, Checking School (PTI attached) 01, Higher Secondary school with primary school 12, Child Welfare Primary School 01, Anonda School 476, 09 Community Primary School and Literacy rate 60.02% (2011 Education Survey)

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