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Boga Lake is the highest natural lake of Bangladesh. It’s located in Ramu Upazilla, Bandarban district in Bangladesh. An another name is beautiful lake is Bagakain lake. Boga lake is 18 kilometer away from Ruma Sadar Upazilla in Bandarban. The area of this lake is about 15 acres. It is about 3000 feet above sea level.
The geology of the crater lake of the bagakain or from space has been created as a result of the fall of the meteorite. Others may be caused due to landslides expression. This World Formation (Bhuban Foundation) consist of soft rock. Banglapedia quite acidic water, and hence there is no moss or other aquatic plants, and aquatic animals can not live here, but sources say the Boga lake water is very sweet, and plenty of water in the lake Moss, water lilies, water lily and other aquatic plants, and lots of fish There are even large fish.

Bom Boga Lake next to a neighborhood (bagamukhapara) and has laid a Murong. Local indigenous Bom, Murong or Mro, tancangya and other indigenous Tripura. According to legend the local indigenous people, long ago, a dragon lived in the cave. Bom in the dragon “Baga” is called. Dragon-god coax local cattle were sacrificed. But the others had killed the dragon god crown has round flooded into the lake and destroyed villages. There is no real evidence that this is rumor, but rumor emitters fire dragon or Baga and the structure of the dead volcano crater lake coincides with the term.

This lake is surrounded by hills on three sides. The hills are covered with thickets of bamboo and a maximum of 46 meters. It is 457 meters and 610 meters above sea level on a plateau at intermediate locations. The depth of 38 meters (125 feet). It can not be fully bound water from the lake, and no water can enter. There is no visible water source around. The lake is located at the altitude of 153 meters from the source of a small fountain, which is known as Baga rhyme. Never ever clean sea water or becomes cloudy. Many people think that because the bottom has a hot springs. This springs from the water when the lake water color is changed.

The concept of local residents around the lake, the gods live. So they came to worship here. The mysterious fable and unimaginable natural beauty of the lake bagakain trekking and camping in the area has become an important Bangladesh. Especially if you go kiokradang bagakain lakes nothing for it but without stop. However, the transportation is quite remote; There is no alternative to the very rugged walking. Most recently (010) directly from Ruma to bagamukhpara jeep (Chander cars or moon vehicle) has been introduced. Adventure lovers of natural beauty and wild life, but the way the name of greed jhiri are using another way. Bagakain an army camp in the lake and there are two places to stay, including those driven by a local bom’s, and other government-driven. A school and a church. Arbitrary behavior of the tourists killed in the forest near lake diversity and the diversity of life threat.

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