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BNP asks govt to publish white paper about BDR mutiny


Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Saturday (February 25) called upon the government to publish a white paper about the BDR (current BGB) mutiny with special reference to the reasons behind the incident.

A BNP delegation was talking to journalists after paying tribute to the grave of the victims of mutiny at Banani Military Graveyard in Dhaka.

BNP standing committee member Lt. Gen. (retd) Mahbubur Rahman said that this is the worst day in the history of the country. “There is no other instance of this act in the whole world. A total of 57 army officers were killed in the two days.”

Slamming the time being taken to complete the trial of the incident that has been going on for eight years, the BNP leader further said delay of this kind of trial harms the judicial system.

Mahbubur Rahman also said victims’ families and the nation want to know about the assassinators, planners and about the money suppliers of this incident.

BNP vice-chairman Maj. Gen (retd) Ruhul Amin and Abdul Latif were, among others, present here.