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BarisalBarisal District (barisal division) area 2790.51 sq km, located in between 22°27′ and 22°52′ north latitudes and in between 90°01′ and 90°43′ east longitudes. It is bounded by madaripur, shariatpur and chandpur districts on the north, patuakhali, barguna and jhalokati districts on the south, bhola and lakshmipur districts on the east, Jhalokati, pirojpur and gopalganj districts on the west.

Population Total 2355967; male 1197722, female 1158245; Muslim 2054754, Hindu 286642, Buddhist 13217, Christian 531 and others 823.

Water bodies Main rivers: meghna, arial khan, kirtankhola, tentulia, Naya Bhanga, Jayanti, Swarupkati, Hatra, Amtali.’

Administration Bakerganj district was established in 1797; later on it was renamed as Barisal district. Barisal was declared as a division on 1 January 1993. Barisal Paurasabha was formed in 1957 and it was turned into a city corporation in 2000. Of the 10 upazilas of the district hizla is the largest (515.36 sq km) and banaripara is the smallest (134.86 sq km) in size.

Area (sq km) Upazila Municipality Union Mouza Village Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Urban Rural
2790.51 10 4 86 1147 1290 394567 1961400 844 57.0
City Corporation
City Corporation Metropolitan Thana Ward Mahalla
1 4 30 56
Metropolitan Thana
Name of Metropolitan Thana Area (sq km) Ward Union Mahalla and Mouza Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Airport 99.46 4 5 87 166870 1310 73.27
Kaonia 111.16 6 3 59 127300 1145 64.13
Kotwali 40.33 20 1 45 165050 4093 74.82
Bandar 110.05 5 40 88385 317 55.84
Others Information of District
Name of upazila Area (sq km) Municipality Union Mouza Village Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Agailjhara 155.47 5 78 96 155661 1001 59.3
Wazirpur 248.36 9 118 123 241374 972 61.0
Gaurnadi 144.18 1 7 128 130 180219 1250 59.4
Barisal Sadar 317.60 10 134 192 463032 1374 64.8
Bakerganj 412.99 1 14 151 190 353909 857 59.3
Banaripara 134.86 1 8 92 92 152877 1134 60.8
Babuganj 164.88 6 81 90 146740 890 61.1
Muladi 261.02 7 98 110 183283 737 49.0
Mehendiganj 435.79 1 13 124 155 304364 698 46.5
Hizla 515.36 7 139 112 174508 339 38.2

Bangladesh Population Census 2001, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

History of the War of Liberation During the war of liberation 8 persons including Laskhan Das (proprietor of Laskhan Das Circus) of village Kodaldhoa were killed by the Pak army. The Pak army also killed 181 freedom fighters at a place near Kalaskati market of Bakerganj upazila. The Pak army killed 10 persons and set Karikarnagar village of Chandpasha union of Babuganj upazila on fire. Besides, they also killed 212 persons of Banaripara upazila.

Marks of the War of Liberation Mass grave 2, Mass killing site 3, Memorial sculpture 2, Memorial monument 4.’

Literacy rate and educational institutions Average literacy 57.0%; Male 59.0%, female 54.9%. Educational institutions: university college 1, medical college 1, law college 1, teacher’s training college 2, physical education college 1, cadet college 1, polytechnic college 1, college 70, secondary school 390, primary school 1710, madrasa 710. Noted educational institutions: Barisal Law college, sher-e-bangla medical college and Hospital, Govt. b m college (1889), Syed Hatem Ali College, Barisal Govt. women’s College, Chakhar College, Bakerganj College, Kalaskati College, Muladi College, Hizla College, Banaripara College, Gaurnadi College, Agailjhara College, Babuganj College, Badalpara Secondary School and College, Kashipur High School and College, Bagdha Secondary School and College, barisal zila school, ‘Brozo Mohan School, Barisal Zila Girls’ School, Barisal Missionary School, Paterhat Muslim High School, Paterhat Jubili High School, Shahid Altaf Mahmud High School, Hizla PL Secondary School, Baisari High School, Banaripara High School, Gaurnadi High School, Agailjhara High School, Gaila High School, Babuganj High School, Barisal Govt. Girls’ High School, Baptist Mission Boys High School, Gava High School, Bakerganj JSU High School, Oxford Mission High School, Khalishkota Secondary School, Rahmatpur Secondary School, Halima Khatun Girls’ Secondary School, DGL Secondary School, Char Amaddi WK Secondary School, Kamarkhali KSU Secondary School, Pinglakathi Govt. Model Primary School, Bheduriarchar Govt. Primary School, Darus Sunnat Jamia-E-Islamia Madrasa, Dudhal Islamia Fazil Madrasa, Kakdhara AKM Institution, Banaripara Model Union Institution, Kalaskati BM Academy.

Main sources of income Agriculture 48.25%, non-agricultural labourer 4.00%, industry 1.27%, commerce 17.52%, transport and communication 2.83%, construction 2.45%, religious service’ 0.29%, service 13.08%, rent and remittance 2.31% and others 8.00%.

Newspapers and periodicals Daily: Shahnama, Probashi, Gram Samachar, Ajker Barta, Rupantar Sathi, Saikot Barta, Darpan, Dipanchal, Ajker Kantha; weekly: Lokabani, Bakerganj Parikrama, Chirantan Bangla, Upakul, fortnightly: Paira, the River, Etibriti, Khadem, Gournadi Parikrama.

Folkculture Bhatiali, Rakhali, Marfati, Jarigan, Sarigan, Murshidi, dazzle, proverb, fiction or feigned story, palagan, Kavigan, etc are conventional. Jatrapala and theatre practice are also displayed in this district.

Tourist spots Durgasagar, Collector Bhaban (building), Chakhar Archaeological Museum.

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