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BNCC-LogoBangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) is a paramilitary force in the country. Students and young people’s moral development and the development of leadership qualities in the organization has been established. A lot of schools, colleges and universities of the branches. Students as volunteers in their own educational institutions BNCC can join. BNCC basic principles of knowledge, discipline and unity.

History of BNCC : Dhaka University was founded in 1921, the Corps of the Indian Territorial Force Act, 1923 is made by the university BNCC. In November 1927, Captain E. Groom 16 teachers and 100 students took the first steps to support a military training. In June 1928 an official University Training Corps (UTC), as it is established. It’s 1 units of UTC.

In 1942, a single company, and university professor, Dr. Hasan Mahmud, who has been promoted to honorary lieutenant colonel in charge of the company has been stationed. In 1943, the name was changed to the University Officer Training Corps. In 1946, the first annual Camp Shilong. In 1950, 625 cadets and 40 officers have been promoted to battalion company. January 30, 1953, the activities of the Government of Pakistan UOTC banned, but its operations are resumed in 1966 after student protests. Pakistan Cadet Corps (PCC) and the Junior Cadet Corps (JCC) Colleges and Schools (9 and 10) were made for students. After 1971, the Cadet Corps existed, but the Bangladesh Cadet Corps’ name ‘Pakistan Cadet Corps’ is substituted for. After 1971, UOTC was recognized, however, until 1975 when its operations were closed around. March 31, 1976, University of Dhaka, Chittagong and Rajshahi University has established three infantry divisions. On 3 March 1979, President Ziaur Rahman UOTC by a government order, BCC and JCC of established BNCC organized.

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