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Asaduzzaman Noor is a Bangladeshi actor, politician and activist. He is the current Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. He was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nilphamari-2 in the 2001 general election. Noor was re-elected at the 2008 and 2014 general elections.

He got his break-through in acting during his early days as a Bangladesh Television dramatic artist. His notable works include Kothao Keu Nei, Ayomoy, Bohubrihi and Ei Sob din Ratri. His notable films are Shonkhonil Karagar (1992) and Aguner Poroshmoni (1994), both of which won National Film Awards. He was awarded Independence Day Award in 2018 by the Government of Bangladesh.


Noor’s career in the theatre started in 1973 when he joined the group “Nagorik”. He was a receptionist of the paper “Chitraly” at that time and went to take the interview of the prominent actors that time. There he met Ali Zaker, an actor of Nagorik who asked him to visit the rehearsal of his new team. Noor later went there and saw a lot of his familiar faces of the University. Later he joined that group. At first he used to work behind the stage as a prompter. Once the rehearsal of the drama “Toilo Shonkot” which was written by Rashid Haider was going on. With only two days remaining of the first show actor of that drama Abul Hayat got injured, Ali Zaker asked Noor to take the part. With a bit force from the others Noor took it and started his career as an actor. Noor’s first television drama “Rang-er Phanush” was directed by Abdullah al Mamun in 1974.

Noor came to politics during the period of Ayub Khan in 1962. He was a student and had joined the East Pakistan Students’ Union, which was a left-sided organisation. Later he became the chairman of the Nilfamari Mohokuma Shomeetee. In 1966, he was admitted to Dhaka University to study law still a member of the Students’ Union. Later he became the cultural secretary of the central committee. He also was the chairman of the Shongskriti Shongshod, a very large cultural organisation of Dhaka University. Noor stayed in the Iqbal Hall (now Johurul Huq hall) which was the centre of student politics during that period. At that time Noor came in contact with the versatile student leaders of that time. Though the followers of different political belief they worked together against the dictatorship of West Pakistan government.

At the eve of Bangladesh Liberation War, Noor left Dhaka and came back to Nilphamari District when he received an order from his political party on 8 March 1971. There he helped the then East Pakistan Rifles (now Border Guards Bangladesh). He crossed the border during the War of Liberation on 8 April. Noor was a freedom fighter under the Sector-6 and helped to organise the war and took training. He also helped to recruit freedom fighters during the nine-month war period. But later in the independent Bangladesh, his distance with active politics grew larger.

In 1990, during the revolution against the military leader Ershad, Noor again came to join the movement. In 1996, Bangladesh Awami League leader Sheikh Hasina asked him to take part in the election; he took part in the election in 2001 and won that to become a member of parliament from Nilphamari District. In 2013, his election convoy in Nilphamari was attacked by activists of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, causing the deaths of five people. Source: wikipedia

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