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Ahmed Safa (June 30, 1943- July 8, 2001), a Bangladeshi writer, poet and sociologist. His writings to determine the identity of Bangladeshi nationality dominates. 2002 In the literature was posthumously awarded the Ekushey. Safa Ahmed nonconforming his lifetime, fascination shabby, expansive approach was discussed in the intellectual community.


Birth : He was born in the year to 30 June 1943 at Chittagong chandanaish Hashimpur Union Gachbaria village. His father Hedayet Ali Dhono Mia. Mother Asia Khatun. Four sisters and two brothers Ahmad Safa was the second child of parents.

Education Ahmad began chaphara academic institution founded by his father in South Gachbaria primary school. In 1960, his village gauracandra Nityananda was transferred from high school. Sudhanshu student Bimal Dutta farmers association was associated with the NAP, or the secret of the Communist Party. Master-sen’s revolutionary activities were inspired by some friends; they took out the Chittagong-Dolhazari rail line. CHT went into hiding to avoid arrest after a while. 1962 in Chittagong Nazirhat College of Higher Secondary passed; the same year was admitted to the Dhaka University in Bengali Department. After class Bengali section has not continued. Brahmanbaria College in 1967 with a second-class graduated from a private test. 1970 MA in Bengali literature and PhD studies before the test to apply for scholarships and fellowships program was nominated for three years. Research was from 1800 AD to 1957 AD, the middle-class origins, development, and its impact on culture and politics of the literature. MA in Political Science in 1971 privately to the test. Oral examination on the 21st March. PhD couldn’t be done later.

After the German Goethe Institute in 1986, he obtained a diploma, in the knowledge that the next version of the GATT immortal literary phausta gave courage.

Literature He almost every branch of literature has genius. Stories, songs, novels, poetry, essays, translations, history, travel stories of more than thirty books have gone.

Ahmad chaphara first book, a novel of the sun, you pal. Was published in 1967. His first book was published from Bangladesh as a Muktadhara Articles Book switched Bangladesh. Auditory publication July 1378 or 1971 AD. In 1970, PhD thesis, National Professor Abdur Razzaq came in contact with. Maintain long-term relationships between them. In 1971, the author of ‘fight camp set up and took an active part in various activities. Gary ‘Bangladesh’s first newspaper was published as a prevention. During the liberation war in April went to Calcutta. It was the support from the fires of war. After the independence of Bangladesh did not write back. 1972 AD Daily Ganakantha consistently intellectually new layout was drawn. Because of the wrath of the government was to read. Mutiny in 1979, history was revealed. In 1980, with the support of the Daily Ittefaq journalist Nizamuddin mostanera thorns slums’ artist Sultan actions and learning “was introduced. Bengali Muslim mind essays were released from the Academy in 1981.

Safa poet began translating phausta Gatte in 1970. In 1986 out of Muktadhara phaustera translation. Alatacakra novels published in 1993. The future course of independent hidden mysteries of death and hypocrisy Canticles Chivalry novel blossom trees in 1996 and is published Bihangapuran and half-woman half-redeemer. ‘Half-woman half-goddess, like the name of a weekly newspaper Pranapurnimar chan were continuously published. Bihangapuran blossom trees and the novel were released in Japanese translation in 1998. Flower, Tree, Bihanga the civil society has been the dissection of his novels. National Professor and contemporary context of the distinguished scholar, Professor Abdur Razzaq, written in 1998, albeit in my Guru.

Safa Ahmed began publishing works in his lifetime. Safa Ahmed was in the 2001 works published the second part. While living Safa Ahmed have continued writing columns in various newspapers.

Notable Book

Jagroto Bangladesh (Awake, Bangladesh)-1971
Budhhibrittir Notun Binnash (Intellectually new format) – 1972
Bangla Bhasha : Rajnitir Aloke (Bengali language: politics in the light) – 1975
The political complexity of Bangladesh – 1977
The Muslim Mind – 1981
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and other articles – 1989
Aspect of Social Harmony in Bangla Culture and Peace Song – 1991
Political writings – 1993
Taslima and other sensitive topics beginning – 1994
Near and far the cheapest – 1995
The appearance of the crisis – 1996
Recent consider: intellectually new format – 1997
Sarabarser Ferrari: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhay – 1997
Peace and selected articles – 1998
The nation and the state of Bangladesh – 2001
Writing occasion – 2001
Me and other articles – 2002
Those writings – 2008

Tania (Key: p. Lidabha), 1967
Skeptic wrote: barand Russell, 198
Phausta (Key: Johan Bholaph van fon Gette), 1986

Hanger time, 1975
Sad day in Doha, 1975
A senior pray to quail, 1977
Lenin’s Sleep, 1999

You are the sun, pal, 1967
Onkar, 1975
An Ali Canaan vicissitudes, 1988
Maranbilas, 1989
Alatchakra, 1993
About Cow, 1995
Half-woman half-goddess, 1996
Bihanga blossom trees and mythology, 1996

Story Collection
Dead stars, 1969

GI (Sipahi) War History, 1979

Creative biography
Though my Guru, 1988

Teenage Story
Dolo my kanakacampa, 1968

Children’s rhyme book
GO-Hakim, 1977

He is the author of the award-winning and Bengali camp rejected by the Academy Award Sadat Ali Akhand. In 1980, the history of the Council is reported to have received the award. 00 In the literature (posthumous) Ekushey medals are awarded.

8 July 001 AD He died on way to hospital sick in Dhaka. Later the next day, the university mosque is buried in the graveyard at Mirpur Martyred Intellectual

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