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Achol -Bangladeshi Actress


‘Achol’ is a Bangladeshi actress. Very popular in the current period, this beautiful actress. In 2011 she debut in the Bangladeshi film industry dallywood by the film ‘Vool’.


Acting Career: The two film are released in 2011 acted by Achol, ‘Vool and Bailey Rood. Both film were alternative against regular Bangla film. Then she was started commercial film career by ‘Jotil Prem’ film acting against Bappi Chowdhury. For acting this film, Achol gain more popularity by general audience. Now she continuing acting against Sakib Khan for a new film name is “Fad”

Infancy: Achol’s childhood spent in Khulna. She was a student of Pioneer girl school. Also she was a student of Anondo Dhara Academy, in this academy she learning dance. During the eighth grade took part in a secret ACI Group advertised. Bengali film in front of the TV to see the home at that time, when he grew up. Fans of the film was an actress Shabnur.


Year Film Role Co-Artist
2011 Bhool Mehran, Akhee, Kheyalee
Bailey Road Achol Niloy Alamgir
2013 Jotil Prem Rumki Bappy Chowdhury
Prem Prem Paglaami Chimi Bappy Chowdhury
Ki Prem Dekhaila Bappy Chowdhury
2014 Faand: The Trap Shakib Khan
Kistimaat Piya Arifin Shuvoo, Misha Sawdagor
Shopno Je Tui Emon
Prem Manei Kosto Saif Khan
2015 Gunda: The Terrorist Bappy Chowdhury, Amrita Khan
Ajob Prem Bappy Chowdhury
Rongdhonu Nayem Khan, Anny Khan
Kew Katha Rakheni Emon
Mental: It Can Be You Love Story Shakib Khan, Porshi
Besharam Jeff

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