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A. H. M. Kamaruzzaman


Bangladesh is one of the best national leader AHM Kamaruzzaman super power politics emerged.

A. H. M. Kamaruzzaman

A. H. M. Kamaruzzaman

Shahid AHM KamaruzzamanThe district is one of the most famous political family. He was the first child of the family.

Paternal affection gave him the nickname ‘Hena. He was born on June 6 in 1923. Bangladesh is one of the national leaders

Shahid Hamid Miah district leader father was a prominent politician and social worker. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of undivided Bengal and Bengali. In 1958, General Ayub Khan imposed martial law in the whole of Pakistan.

This time, he jumped into politics with a strength Kamaruzzaman. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as a close associate of the 1962 anti-Ayub movement of ’66 six-point movement,

69 of the uprising, and the end 71 of the liberation movement against the Agartala conspiracy case mentioned he did not want to go back. Starting from the selection of 1962 long lived until November 3, 1975, while he hissed elections. From 1962 to 1969 he served as editor of the Pakistan National Council of the United Opposition. Differences between East and West Pakistan, he was irrevocably. 71 of March 8 for the withdrawal of the curfew, the newspaper stated. March 11, Rajshahi ‘Bhubanmohan’ Park announced a massive rally will continue our struggle until independence. This meeting on 7 March historic speech of Bangabandhu tape is playing. 71 of the 17 April he formally independent Bangladesh Mujibnagar Kamaruzzaman sworn oath-taking ceremony. He is extremely important in terms of the Interior, took charge of the relief and rehabilitation department. The night of the 3rd of November ’75, four national leaders brutally shot and killed inside Dhaka jail. This is one of the four leaders is the AHM Kamaruzzaman (Henan).

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