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A Chat With Reshmi


ReshmiWhich songs would you say define Reshmi?

My fans know me mostly for two of my songs: “Ninduker Mukhe Poruk Chai” and “Jare Bashi Bhalo”.

What was the turning point in your musical career?

The contest Power Voice has most definitely been my turning point. Had I not been there, I would not have achieved the popularity that I now have. I was among the top 10 in the 2010 edition of Power Voice. The music videos that I made after that further catapulted me towards success.

Which artists inspire you the most?

Ferdousi Rahman, Abdul Aleem and Abbasuddin inspire me immensely. Other than them, songs by Anusheh really fascinate me. I can really feel with all my heart when I am listening to her songs.

How did you get introduced into the industry?

My father Ustad Mirza Golam Rasul first introduced me to the world of music. The first song I learned from him was “Tomrao Lagiya”.

What are your thoughts on the recent practice of making one or two music videos rather than producing a whole album?

It is safe to say that I do not have a very good luck. This practice started right after I released my first album. Nowadays, the audience rarely listens to songs that do not have a music video to go with it. I stand for the practice of making music videos but I want to make videos for each and every song of my album. Two of my music videos have been receiving very good response from the audience on YouTube.

Have you done any playback for movies?

I have sung for Iftikhar Chowdhury’s “Action Jasmine”. The type of music that I am interested in, is quite different from than the songs that are usually featured in the movies, which is why I am not a really popular choice for performing playbacks. I prefer doing folk music; however, I do want to sing more for movies.

What is your next plan?

Currently, I am in a band called “Reshmi and Mati”. I am fairly busy setting the band up. I want to go back and explore our roots; I want to focus on the performance of folk songs. I hope I can provide something new to the audience with this set-up.

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