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Addl IGP Rowshan Ara killed in Congoa road crash

Addl IGP Rowshan Ara killed in Congoa road crash

Addl IGP Rowshan Ara killed in Congoa road crash Additional Inspector General of Police Rowshan Ara Begum, ppm, ndc, has been killed in a road crash on a United...



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List of Technical Training Centers (TTC)

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Recruiting Agents list of Bangladesh

List of Recruting agents Sl. RL No. Name Address 1 RL1659 M/S Rupali Trade International 55/A,Puranapaltan,Dhaka-1000 2 RL1327 M/S. 5M International Ltd House-79(Level–8),Block-M(Sikder...


Map of Khagrachari

Map of Khagrachari

Khagrachhari District (chittagong division) area 2699.55 sq km, located in between 22°38′ and 23°44′ north latitudes and in between 91°44′ and 92°11′ east longitudes. It is bounded by the tripura state of India on the north, rangamati and chittagong districts on the south, Rangamati district on the east, Chittagong district and Tripura state of India on the west. Notable hill ranges are Golamoon, Chotto Panchari, Karmi Mura, Lutiban, Kuradia, Bhanga Mura, Jopisil.

Population Total 525664; male 277614, female 248050; Muslim 228753, Hindu 86351, Buddhist 3745, Christian 206473 and others 342. Indigenous communities such as chakma, marma, tripura and Tanchanga belong to this upazila.

Water bodies Main rivers: Maini, Chengi.

Area (sq km) Upazila Municipality Union Mouza Village Population Density (per sq km) Literacy rate (%)
Urban Rural
2699.55 8 3 34 120 1581 171035 354629 195 41.8
Others Information of District
Name of Upazila Area
(sq km)
Municipality Union Mouza Village Population Density
(per sq km)
Literacy rate (%)
Khagrachhari Sadar 297.92 1 5 13 228 92380 310 47.2
Dighinala 694.12 5 22 235 92743 134 47.5
Panchhari 334.11 4 7 219 64510 193 34.6
Mahalchhari 248.64 5 13 155 44086 177 38.6
Matiranga 495.39 1 7 28 342 106322 215 37.9
Manikchhari 168.35 2 11 146 50061 297 44.7
Ramgarh 240.87 1 3 12 130 53817 223 46.4
Lakshmichhari 220.15 3 16 126 21745 99 22.9

Bangladesh Population Census 2001, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Administration The district of Chittagong Hill Tracts was established in 1860 under the ‘Raid of Frontier Tribes Act 22 of 1860’. Following the district of Chittagong Hill Tract Regulation Act the Chittagong Hill Tract was divided into three sub-divisions (included Khagrachhari) in 1900. Khagrachhari sub-division was turned into district in 1983. The Khagrachhari Local Government Legislative Council was formed in 1989 (in accordance with the Khagrachhari Hill Districts Council, Act 20), which, on the basis of the historic ‘Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord’, was turned into Khagrachhari Hill District Council on 2 December, 1997. ‘

History of the War of Liberation An encounter was held between the freedom fighters and the Pak army in August 1971 in Ramgarh Upazila in which 17 Pak soldiers were killed.’

Marks of the War of Liberation Mass grave 1, memorial plate 1, memorial monument 2.

Literacy rate and educational institutions Average literacy 41.8%; male 49.9%, female 32.7%. Noted educational institutions: Khagrachhari Government College (1974), Matiranga Degree College (1992), Ramgarh Government Degree College (1980), Panchhari College (1990), Dighinala Government College, Panchhari High School and College (1981), Khagrachhari Government High School (1957), Tabalchhari TK High School (1952), Ramgarh Government High School (1952),’ Rani Nihar Devi Government High School (1976), Dighinala Government High School, Khagrachhari North Khobongpodia Government Primary School (1905).

Main sources of income Agriculture 59.92%, non-agricultural labourer 9.33%, industry 0.44%, commerce 10.67%, transport and communication 1.11%, service 7.94%, construction 0.92%, religious service 0.24%, rent and remittance 0.37% and others 9.06%.

Newspapers and periodicals Daily: Aranno Barta; weekly: Parboti, Chabuk, Parbotta Bani, Binnas.

Folkculture Biju festival of the Chakma, Sangri festival of the Marma and the Baisabi festival of the Tripura are most notable.

Tourists spots Ramgarh Lake and Suspicious Bridge, Rifles Memorial Monument (Ramgarh),’ Alu Tila (Khagrachhari Sadar and Matiranga).

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