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3 girls raped each day


While the incidents of gang-rape decreased in the first six months of this year, on an average at least three women and girls were raped every day during the same time.
Bangladesh Mahila Parishad in its report published yesterday said at least 2,537 women and girls were subjected to torture while a total of 499 women and girls raped between January and June. Among them, 64 victims were gang-raped.

The women rights group reported 450 incidents of rape and 99 gang-rape during the first six months last year.

Apart from the rape victims, Mahila Parishad says some 125 women and girls were stalked during the same period while four of them were forced to commit suicide, according to reports collected from 14 national dailies.

Moreover, 205 women and girls died mysteriously and 95 were kidnapped. At least 23 housemaids died during the period; among them, 10 were killed and 13 committed suicide. Of those kidnapped, 28 were trafficked to different places and seven to brothels.

The group says that a total of 406 women and girls were killed for different reasons.

Moreover, at least 225 women and girls were subjected to physical torture while 170 were forced to commit suicide and 17 others attempted suicide due to torture. Seven other women were tortured by the members of the police force.

From January to June, at least 107 girls became victims of child marriage. On the other hand, 169 women were tortured for dowry, of who 80 were killed by their in-laws.

At least nine women were burned to death while 34 others sustained burn injuries. Nineteen other women faced acid violence.

The group also recorded at least five incidents of fatwa.

Meanwhile, rights group Ain o Salish Kendra figures say at least 591 children were tortured in the first half of the year. Of them, 235 were killed and 15 committed suicide. Most of the victims are aged between 13 to 18. But cases were filed only in one third of the incidents.

ASK says 209 women were victims of domestic violence, of who 140 were killed and 27 committed suicide. Forty-two others were tortured physically.

The group recorded 17 incidents of acid violence and says one of the victims succumbed to her injuries, says a statement issued yesterday.

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